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Hi my name is laith, i’m 25 years old, male.i’ve been experience numbness in legs when doing cardiovascular excercises for almost 2 years.just during cadio excercise and last 2 hours after it .lately i’m experience numbness when i walk 5 minutes and when i bend my neck i get a shock in my legs. I went to the doctor 2 weeks before. Did mri and the result was many lesions in the brain. I return to the doctor he said its multiple sclerosis but i have to do lumbar puncture and stay in hospital for 4 days to do treatment with steroids. After it i go out an return the lumbar test for the complete diagnose and after it we disscuss treatment . I have many questions :

1- will the symptoms improve ? Cause its annoying to get numb after 5 min walk

2-do the treatments work ? Cause the doctor said he will stop and i will continue a normal life but while i’m researching online i didn’t find that is correct.

3-i have current symptoms which are: i have a finger keep moving ‘from 2 days’, headache for a month and foggy vision but it lasts for 10 seconds and it happen always.

4-i didn’t experience any attacks but my symptoms gradually worsen for the past 2 years before diagnose especially the these 5-months. Is it a sign that i have a progressive form ?

I’m new to this forum. Hope you can help me. I’m from lebanon on my last year in civil engineering.

hi laith

your neuro will decide whether you have relapsing remitting ms (rrms) or primary progressive ms (ppms).

the information that he will use will be the MRIs, Lumbar Puncture and your medical history.

for now you could see your gp for some symptom management,

are you going to be having intra-venous steroids?

they are very effective and you will probably feel strong.

don’t go assuming that you have progressive ms.

just wait for your appointment with your neuro.

you could research the current treatments in preparation.

good luck

carole x

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He didn’t mention which type he just said steroids. Its been 4 hours and my left leg is numb this is frustrating and i’m scared from what else might come in the coming days.

Mine Ms started with fizzing every time I bent my neck all down my legs into my feet.

this also happens after 5 min of walking in hard soled shoes but better in soft soles or trainers as I think the impact has a lot to do with it.

this also seems to happen more when I am about to come down with a cold or have been overdoing it.

my lumber puncture was clear, but I have multiple lesions on my brain and one in my neck, hence the fizzing when I bend it!

good luck with the steroids but they will knock you out when you have finished the course as your body copes with the shock of ending them so quickly.

hope this helps and take time out to rest a bit

Will the symptoms go away with steroids and how long will this last ? I’m new to this things after tomorrow will enter the hospital for lumbar and steroids

The symptoms should go away and speed up recovery, you will probably experience strange feelings when you finish the course so beware.

You will feel better after and symptoms should go away. Took me about a week after my last dose to feel normal again.

good luck

Okay thank you …the symptoms after the steroids for how long will they disappear. I don’t have relapses at all i experience numbness when i walk . then it got worse after a year so went to neuro. When i first started getting numb it was gradual first it was after i finish excersicing then after 15 min from excercise then i get numb after 5 min. I went to doctor when i first expercienced he said i have this from my neck because i was doing weight lifting. I’m afraid i was at conference today for ms my doctor was there. He said if someone doesnt expercience relapses then it is primary progressive. At the clink he said i will live a normal life.

My tingling can be from my neck(damaged mine lifting weights too) and my Ms, as my lesion is near my disc bulge at C6.

6 days after finishing the steroids I am still having up and down days but that is mostly the effects of the steroids not the MS

I am assuming this is my first relapse because it was so obvious this time but who knows how many I may have had, but didn’t notice as they were not quite as problematic?

Right now i have numb left foot ,tremor in right finger and painfull right eye when moving when moving it …i don’t know if its a relaps or its just psychologically cause i’m newly diagnosed and reading about this disease. I’m just praying for not having an invincible type of ms like ppms. Cause i didnt experience any noticable attack like.

How are you feeling today? Still tingling etc?

Yeah they still especially in left leg i feel its heavy and tingly alot …hope this go away after steroids :frowning: …i’m 25 still can’t believe i have the s*** called ms

If you keep stress to minimum and rest when you can you may not have another relapse for years. Depends on how you look after yourself in between.

just take advantage of your good days and enjoy them

I will do that…its somehow annoying i don’t know if it is just with me …for example now i’m experiencing no symptoms just a little and not even a lot noticable symptoms … Is it normal if you have up and downs within the day ? …all i know its best to sit and not doing effort or they symptoms will pop up…btw is it part from the disease to have bad memory and somtimes i feel my brain is freezed for example when i’m studying i read a paragraph then at the end of it its like i read nothing so i have to read it again and again … Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s normal, even throughout the day it will go up and down. Yesterday morning was worse than the afternoon for me and I was doing nothing.

Also you can get over a relapse very quickly, sometimes not. Again, when your resting you will feel better and the stress of just being active can exacerbate your symptoms.

you can also get a fuzzy brain!!!