Newly Diagnosed

I was diagnosed on the 9th of October and this is my strut. Around March/April I started experiencing the first symptoms of numb/tingly legs upon waking up, this gradually subsided followed by other random numbness in legs/sides/fingers. Multiple trips to doctors from May onwards. I was dealing fine with the possibility of multiple sclerosis until around August when my left arm started to feel weak and my fingers/hand was very tingly. Gradually it got worse and I haven’t been able to drive or do my job (or my life’s biggest hobby) since then. Finally had my neuro appointment end of September, and 2 weeks later confirmed diagnosis. I had 3 days of iv methylprednisolone and will be checked up on again in 6 weeks to discuss DMTs then an MRA in a few months. I’m told it can take weeks for the steroids to have an affect and I’m scared to death I’m never going to get any decent use from my left hand again. Anywho that’s my story, I haven’t included little detail however haha

sorry that you have had this dropped on you.

however, in my experience, those type of sensory symptoms will decrease.

my fingers are still numb after 10 years but i can still do most things.

the brain compensates for a dodgy nerve by maybe redirecting.

you need to be calm and wait for the steroids to finish their job.

use the time to research the DMTs because when the nurse/neuro rattles off the names of them all it gets a bit overwhelming.

at least if you are familiar with the names it will help.

looking at your user name has me wondering what your greatest hobby is.

mixing decks?

don’t stop trying to knock a tune out.

the ms trust has an excellent factsheet about DMTs.

carole x

Yeah obviously it’s never what someone wants to hear but tbh I had been anticipating the diagnosis for months so in a lot of ways it was a relief to finally know the truth and I’m not mad. Thanks for the positive message about the symptoms, I’m doing my best to think positive and not let it beat me. Aha my favourite hobby is actually video games, I’ve been using this username for things since I was about 20 as it seemed a cool play on my surname lol and it’s just become my go to. Thanks again

video games are great physio for the hands.

my son lost the index finger of his right hand (he’s right handed).

he was told to go back each week for physio.

he was only 10 years old and it was a massive drive for me in the worse winter conditions for years.

bless him, he piped up that he’d rather play his video games.

the doctor agreed that it would count as physio!

Hi, My wife was also newly diagnosed not so long ago after experiencing similar symptoms as you’ve described. We are due to choose a treatment soon for this. She was on 5 day steroids which she finished a week ago and she still has the symptoms. Dont worry about it too much, it will go away eventually you just have to be patient, try not to think about it and get on with your normal life. If you are diagnosed with MS then they would have caught it early and there are a lot of new treatments which are very effective. As someone who works in a hospital the best thing i say to do is just get on with your life and this will speed up your recovery. MS isnt the best thing to have in life but it certainly isnt the worst. all the best