Newly diagnosed and panicking

Hi I’m new here, very recently diagnosed. Just wondering if anyone can help me come to terms with it and give me an idea of how long the numbness in my hand and weakness in my legs will last? TIA

Hey. The sucky answer is Everyone is different. I was on Gabapentin for years and my hands were numb as. I weened myself off using CBD oil, and the feeling returned. Maybe contact your doctor (good luck there) and see if they’ll give you steroids. I found these good when I lose my eyes.

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I believe anybody is different.
My only sign is a slightly numb face, still numb a year later.
Just started on DMT but I am not thinking the numbness will go now.

I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. An MS dx is hard news to receive and it takes most of us a while for it to sink in, longer still to start to come to terms with it and longer still to find our own ways of making the best of things and enjoying life fully. When I was newly dx, I though I would never reach the ‘making the best of things and enjoying life fully’ bit, but I did and so will you.

One of the features of all this is the uncertainty - and the not knowing what exactly will happen and when. As you are finding with your current relapse.
I’m afraid it’s really a matter of waiting and hoping. It’s tough, I know.

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