Hi again, I’m experiencing slight facial numbers on the left, around my top lip and the left side of my tongue. Has anyone else suffered with this, I did have it a few weeks ago but it went, its made a reappearance now! Also at the moment I seem to have some sort of tummy bug, none of my other ms symptoms have reappeared apart from this numbness. I’m sick of being ill and because I’m rundown I seem to be catching everything. Any advise greatly received. Nic x

Hi nic, That’s exactly how my ms manifested itself. I described it as having been to the dentist and had a local anaesthetic and the effects of it a couple of hours later when you are left with a numb sponginess. Xx

Any kind of infection or bug can cause MS stuff to rear its ugly head :frowning: The numbness might be a sort of early relapse warning sign though so I’d advise plenty of rest and “me” time. If it gets worse or new stuff starts appearing then you should call your MS nurse. It would be worth seeing your GP - there may be something underlying your recent susceptibility to all the stuff going round. I hope you feel better soon! Karen x

Is it possible to have another relapse only 16 weeks after the first set of symptoms appeared? The numbness is gradually returning and I am getting some " buzzing" in my right leg. I am confused because for the last couple of weeks, symptoms have been abating and now it seems to be getting worse again. Any advice appreciated. My ms nurse is off sick and as I am awaiting a re referral to another neurologist, technically,mi don’t have one at the moment. Thanks.

Hi Thanks for the replies. I’m getting myself in such a state of panic and worry that things are far worse. I’ve seen my gp recently who ran full bloods etc and they all came back fine. I haven’t been sick since last night so hopefully the tummy bug is on its way out. Thanks again Nic x

Good news!! Hopefully it was on of those horrible winter bugs. Xx

I think it is was one of those winter bugs, I just seem to panic about everything being something it’s not.I’ve had to cancel my MRI for today because the hospital don’t want me with a bug so that’s been rearranged for Monday now. Still waiting for the ms nurse to contact me, my neuro said he would ask them to get in touch, that wad 2 weeks ago tho. Xx

You shouldn’t really have to wait but it’s kinda understandable…they are in such demand. We have two nurses to cover the area which I live in…which stretches from the Scottish border down to north Durham and from the Cumbrian border right across to Newcastle!! It’s a huge geographical area.


Yes, it’s certainly possible to have another relapse just 16 weeks after the last. In fact, the shortest interval that would be medically recognised as a “new” relapse is just 30 days. New symptoms, or a recurrence of symptoms, that appear within 30 days of the last lot are assumed still to be part of the same thing. But if you’ve had over 30 days of relative “quiet” before the emergence of new symptoms, it’s assumed to be a new one.

Having said that, it’s possible to have “grumbly” symptoms of a relapse for quite some time afterwards - like several months, or a year! Recovery is not always smooth and continuous. It can feel like two steps forward, and one step backwards. That doesn’t necessarily indicate you’re having another relapse. It’s usual to get a mixture of better days, and not so good days, on the road to recovery. Gradually, you should find the good days more common, and the “back to square one” days fewer. But random “dodgy” days can still appear long after a relapse has passed. Sometimes it’s just stress, or having overdone things, or a minor infection. Other times, you never get to find out why it chose a particular day to play up.


Thanks, Tina. This “buzzing” in my leg is new, the facial numbness is returning. As is the fatigue. Oh, well, I guess I’ll just have to go with it and see where it takes me. Or not!!

Tina - you’re brilliant! xx

So, how lucky am I…told ms nurse…she rang GP…GP just rang me…prescription for amitriptilene at reception. Excellent service. And lucky to have healthcare professionals who care and act.