New Symptom - mouth numbness/tingling - relapse?

Hi, hope everyone is ok,

So I am sitting at my desk and suddenly my mouth feels like I’m reciovering from a dentist injection - numb, tingles on the inside of my lips and end of tongue. Also starting to dribble a bit. I have experienced numbness in my arms and leg but not my gob!

I’ve never felt anything like this (other than dentist injection caused) and I don’t like it very much. Could this be MS related and would it be classed as a new symptom? Should I ring my MS nurse?

Thanks for any help.

Hi Amanda Yes this is a symptom I have had. I would phone and speak to your MS nurse. Hope the feeling doesn’t stay too long, it is horrible…I know! Xx

Hi, I had the numbness and tingling in my mouth for about 3months, 2yrs before I was diagnosed with ms. I had been to the dentist two wks before it started, I was convinced he’d done something!! Obviously, now I know better!! I would say it is a symptom, just be careful eating hot food. Hope it passes quickly for you x

I’m suffering from this at the moment, pain started to the left of my left eye, then gradually moved down my jaw to my teeth. Seen a doctor every day since Friday because the pain is so bad. Also the side of my jaw and cheek are really swollen One doc thinks it’s Trigeminal Neuralgia, another thinks it’s an infection, and another one thinks it could be linked to my MS but doesn’t want to confirm it because ‘he isn’t a neurologist’
I’m so confused.