Numb, tingly 'heaviness' on left cheek!

I am still due for an MRI to see if I actually have MS, but this is the ONE thing I have right now (I feel like I had a relapse, (had fatigue, weakness, etc) recovered, but was left with this one thing) is a patch of tingly, heavy numbness on my left cheek. It feels weird when I smile… like I’ve been to the dentist. It isn’t actually NUMB numb… I can still feel any sensation on it when I touch it, but it just doesn’t feel right!

Does anyone else get this?

Hi shiller, yes i used to get that quite a lot, my tounge went numb like id been to dentist, my thigh, my face, all very frightening at the time, But…it all came back normal within a few weeks,

If this is ms, and it may not be hopefully this numbness will also come back over time, Try not to fret, easier said than done i know but stress can make it worse. t/c xx