Permanent numbness, possibly MS?


I’m am currently waiting for my first MRI results to come back. I am not diagnosed with MS, however this is what they’re investigating for. Since June of this year I have had multiple symptoms, all of which eventually resolved apart from a lack of sensation on the left side of my mouth. This is on both my top and bottom lip. I was wondering since it’s been 4 months now ( I have been given no medication) whether this naturally resolves if it is MS. Although it is not a major problem, I realise I my lip feels anaesthetised every time I put something on my lip or rub them together.

Hello lalaland

MS is such a varied beastie - symptoms can arrive suddenly or sneak up on you; they can resolve completely, partially or not at all.

I have neuropathic pain (pins & needles/burning like sun burn) since 2013, which I have medication for. The optic neuritis I had a very long time ago, resolved mostly but I ended up having to wear glasses. The balance issues I have come and go randomly.

Hi Lalaland! I am in a similar situation, I had loss of sensation on the left side of my face and head. It started in my gums and palette and spread elsewhere. It’s what I went to my GP for initially. I relate to the sensation of anesthesia too. For me it was more over my eye and forehead, and was so uncomfortable when washing my face for example. The severe loss of sensation lasted 7 weeks, and the sensation has just now returned to my gums. In total about 4 months. No medication for me and MRI’s have shown multiple lesions so likely MS.
I hope you have positive MRI results and sensation returns for you :smiling_face:

If one is lucky, MS relapses can heal completely, particularly in the early years. But some things take longer than others. With luck, the residual numbness will go away too.

I’ve had temporary numbness on the face but the numbness/altered sensation in my hands and arm seems to be permanent at the moment. My hands have been numb for over a year now. (Undiagnosed)

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That’s been my experience too. I’m afraid. But some people are luckier.

Just wondered how you are? Did you get results?

I had numbness and altered sensation in my hands for 9 months. That was my second MS relapse. Eventually it resolved within a few days, while I spent 2 weeks in Mexico. Who knows why… I still believe that the local sunshine (but temperatures no more than 26 Celsius) helped me recover. My neurologist recently confirmed that MS patients need high dose vitamin D… 4000 iu.