Numbness skin

Hello! I posted here before… was waiting for second Neurologist appt and results of MRI of head and spine.Just got results today that the MRI is clear, so I take it that rules out MS then? My question also is… Have you experienced numbness of the skin and more importantly, did you regain the feeling in that area after a while? I have had increasing numbness on my knees and my feet since November and it’s such an awful feeling together with the nerve pain…I would love to have the feeling back in my legs!! Thanks! !

Hello! I don’t think a clear MRI scan necessarily rules out MS. Lesions can be too small to see. I guess you got a radiologist report before your neuro appointment? Anyway, it’s the neuro’s job to weigh up all the evidence.

Re. your main question I have experienced numbness as part of a relapse. It lasted a couple of weeks before abating slowly. About 2 months later it had gone. Other symptoms of that relapse remain; though they are less than they were. I guess you might be lucky. I hope that your neuro can give you some answers.

PS I also hope the numbness and pain gets better.

Good luck!

Thank you! I’ve had increasing numbness since Nov last year, that doesn’t really sound familiar does it? It doesnt sound like a relapse because I haven’t had a moment where it went it just got progressively worse… I just wish the feeling would come back, it’s so awful!:frowning: Will ask her about poss of Vitamin deficiency as well… thanks for your kind words!

No, it doesn’t really seem to fit and vitamin deficiency and probably other things could be the cause.

So here’s hoping.