Numbness forever??

Hi all

I’m sorry to ask another question to you guys but you are always so helpful I am unsure who else to ask. I don’t feel like anybody really gets it sometimes, you can never really explain how you feel to others!

I am undiagnosed at present just waiting till Jan to see the Neuro after an MRI showed up inflamtion on the brain and spine, not sure what this means yet… anyway, I have had the smallest symptoms so far so I guess I am lucky but at the moment I have a numb thumb and finger which has been like it since middle of October. Its not completely numb but strange feeling to it, like feeling hair and stuff (I can’t really explain properly). I was wondering since I still have this strange feeling whether I will ever feel it is normal again!!

It sounds so stupid when I write it down but its getting fustrating and worrying all at the same time.

Lainey x

Hi Lainey, Unfortunately, nobody can predict for sure. With the most common type of MS, relapsing remitting (about 85% of diagnoses are of this) some recovery is the norm, but it’s not always perfect, and people can be left with symptoms that don’t resolve. However, it’s much too soon yet to say your numbness is with you forever. Recovery sometimes takes months, rather than weeks. Everyone’s different, and even every attack can be different, but I have had improvements even after as long as a year before. By that time, I’d almost got used to some bits of me not feeling right, so it was quite a pleasant surprise when they improved. Hopefully, yours will too, but only time and patience will tell I’m afraid. Tina

Hi Lainey, I can relate to your post but my numb type feeling is in both my feet. I wonder if they will ever feel normal again and I am scared I have forgotten what normal feels like!! I am also undiagnosed and will have my follow up in February. My MRI of brain and spine took place 3 weeks ago. Do you mind me asking how long it took for you to receive your MRI results? I rang GP today and they haven’t heard anything yet. The numbness you describe is very hard to put across and I don’t know about you but trying to describe it to the Neuro was interesting! I can still feel but there is numbness at the same time, I tend to call it altered sensation. This has spread to my legs and abdomen, scary stuff. Sorry I couldn’t be of help x Good luck for next years appointment :slight_smile: Sam x

Hi tina Thanks for the info i think your probably right, too early to tell thought that might be the case. Oh well i have plenty of time on my hands! Hi sam I had my mri mid october and got the results after about 3 to 4 weeks. Your definately right about the explaining i thought the same when i was trying to tell the gp for the first time. Felt like a right fool if i’m honest. You almost feel like your making it up! I have also experienced this strange feeling in one leg and part of my abdomen but it cleared after 5 weeks so thought this would do the same. I also can still feel but weird! Is this your first attack of anything? Laineyx

Hi Lainey, The symptoms in my feet started this year at the end of June/July. My neuro symptoms in general started in 2006. I really hope I get some sort of feedback from the MRI before February. Sam x