Suspected MS - will feeling return?

Hi I’m in the process of them diagnosing MS. Very early days so not sure if I do have it. Basically foot and lower leg went numb, then groin/saddle area completely dead. Started now in my left foot and right thumb. Had an MRI and showed lesion on my spinal chord and brain MRI showed lesions too but not enuff to definitely say MS yet. On steroids from yday 500mg a day. Had some foot spasms which despite a numb foot I could def feel them!!! Possibly the nerves trying to work?? Maybe the steroids helping? Iv always had a bad back so I’m not 100% convinced this isn’t back related and they will say it’s not MS BUT if it is, in ur experiences does the numbness repair? It’s been a 8 days now and only deteriorated so far. Any help is appreciated- I’m positive as I just want a diagnosis but I just don’t feel I match the MS profile- no sight or upper body weakness etc xx


Well if you assume that it is MS, then about 85% of people have relapsing remitting MS. This would indicate that you are likely to get some if not total recovery from this attack.

Obviously, if it’s not MS, then all bets are off.

As far as matching the ‘MS profile’, where did you get that from? MS has so many associated symptoms that we all present differently.

I don’t want you to pre judge the diagnosis, but my initial symptoms were all lower limb related. Many people do have optic neuritis as one of their first symptoms, but that doesn’t mean everyone gets it.

So being positive, if it is MS, the steroids will most likely help and you’ll get at least partial remission (most likely), but it may takes weeks or months to get better.

And it might not be MS at all, as you’ve had back problems in the past, maybe it’s not neurological.


Thanks sue- I’ve been trying to read up on MS and a lot of the first symptoms they say are sight deteriorating and upper extremities but I do see now after reading some of the threads here that I actually might not be so different to others here! Seems a mixed bag of how symptoms start! They’re leaning towards neuro and away from my back as altho there’s damage to my back the Mri didn’t show anything that would be causing this. Wish there was just one definitive test - I’m so impatient and I know things are moving very fast compared to others in these threads but I haven’t had the same dr round more than once so I feel a bit disjointed. Lumbar puncture today anyway so maybe thatl give me a answer.