Question regarding numbness

Morning all, I just have a brief question about numbness. I have seen a few different docs over the last few months, but when I speak there seems to be some inconsistencies regarding the whole numbness issue. I explain that I have patches of numbness all over the place that have been there for a couple of years. Sometimes the numbness isn’t as noticeable but sometimes if iam feeling unwell or overheated, the numbness is more obvious and is sometimes accompanied with a burning feeling. Some docs, not always neuro, have said that this isn’t the case with ms, once it’s numb it stays numb. I. Feel like they aren’t listening, it never goes away, just changes in intensity. I was wondering how numbness affects everyone else here as I feel like they look at me like I am going crazy. Thanks

I have the same numbness as you, various areas and it comes and does. If I do any heavy lifting half of my face goes numb but it comes back relatively quickly, and my hands sometimes go a bit numb, whereas my feet have been numb for three years.

I don’t really go in to detail with numbness at the neuro. As far as I can see they mainly look for any signs/further signs of disability and numbness isn’t even on the MS scale, its just an inconvenience.

hi anon

it shocks me how little medics know about ms.

luckily my gp was very open minded and really listened to me.

i’ve been numb since 2007 and i’m used to it now.

best to say to yourself “it is what it is”

you’re still you and still fabulous

carole x

Like others I have had various instances of numbness, for anyone to say once numb you will stay numb is ridiculous, sometimes you will sometimes you won’t. Does that mean they don’t believe in RR MS you might not have full remission. We all experience varying degrees of the same thing and have varying degrees of recovery. A little numbness would help me at the moment because this constant burning, tingling, buzzing is driving me crazy. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite work like that though…how can you feel numb yet feel everything to a higher degree maybe you doctors could explain that little gem :slight_smile: that sounds like a rant but I’m smiling. Your not going crazy you just have a crazy condition. Janx

Thanks both of you for your input. Nice to know I am not going completely loopy :slight_smile:

My numbness is pretty constant, though gradually getting a bit worse.
It certainly hasn’t got better.

Well that is true for certain areas.
Others it comes and goes a bit.

So I guess I have a foot in both camps on this one.


Having had numbness / pins & needles in my face and bum intermittently for 16 years, this is a bit of a personal specialist subject now!

Tiredness or infection (e.g. cold, tummy bug) makes it worse, but fatigue on its own doesn’t seem to affect sensations. Have you noticed any patterns like this?

Eating dark green cabbage / kale leaves every single day without fail absolutely definitely undeniably unquestionably incontestibly reduces these problems but miss a day and symptoms deteriorate (i.e. don’t miss a day). Still, there are worse fates that having to eat microwaved cabbage in bed when there’s been no opportunity to eat them during the day.

(Not sure about spinach, though daily consumption of that’s defo good for eyesight.)

Lolli xx

I have numbness / tingling in right leg that comes a

nd goes.

I also have a new patch inside my left ear that comes and goes too.

I’m just hoping it isn’t the start of something new…

Thanks again for the replies. Hi lollipop, yes I can completely relate to you on this. If I get too warm,especially after drying my hair it starts. If I am unwell, again it’s more noticeable. Thanks again guys for all your input on this, it means a lot!