Clear MRI but symptoms returned

A year ago I had an episode where my left side went numb… it started with my fingers then toes, arm, leg, chest. It resolved within an hour or so but then I had issues with intermittent numbness/pins and needles, stabbing pains, stiffness in limbs, weakness and pain in my left leg that left me basically dragging my leg around. This went on for approx 1.5 months and improved and It was basically fully resolved by 2 months. My doctor ran all the tests for deficiencies and other diseases and nothing turned up. I had an MRI of my brain and spine with no lesions found. A neurologist did a nerve test which was normal. At this point my symptoms had resolved so he said he didn’t really care to determine the cause.

I stopped worrying and now 12 months later I’m 20 weeks pregnant and some symptoms started again, I was a bit overtired after 2 big weekends when the pins and needles returned intermittently in my hands and feet and left arm. I have burning sensations basically all over my body. Stiffness in both hands and on and off itching as well. This time it’s a lot less severe, no major fatigue or pain but it’s still distressing. I have a new doctor who said I probably have more MRIs in my future but we’d wait until after pregnancy, he also mentioned MS again.

I can’t help but spiral into non stop worrying again. I think I’m going to push for another referral to the neurologist because I can’t imagine waiting months on end without doing anything about this.

Thank you so much for any guidance. I just feel very lost and alone in this and have no idea what to think.