Symptoms waiting for an MRI

Hello, I am new to this and hoping you can all tell me that my symptoms sound unlikely to be MS. I apologise this isn’t in paragraphs but the enter button isn’t doing anything! I had my second baby 7 months ago and started having bad dizziness like I was on a boat. At the same time I had pretty high ESR levels but anti biotics didn’t do anything, Dr had thought ear infection but then didn’t know. It went on for about 5 months and I was referred to ENT. The dizziness stopped about 2 months ago and my ESR’s went back to normal around the same time so the inflammation must have gone?! Anyway, since then I have noticed I get pins and needles in my hands and arms, but worse in my left one. Not full on P&N, more subtle tingly. It can last for hours but not days. I also get some mild weak/numbness. Very occasionally I get a weird vibrating sensation, often in my bum, like I’ve sat on my phone. At the same time I had the dizziness I had some really painful stabbing pains in the front side of my head and pain behind my eye, weird sensation pricking type and numb under my tongue. Now the last few weeks I have noticed that I feel like my hands are trembling, usually when I am feeding my baby so it’s with my thumb and finger grasp, but they don’t look like they are shaking. My shoulders both hurt if I pour the kettle - anything at that kind of angle so I was thinking maybe trapped nerve but odd on both sides. Sometimes my words get muddled, but then I am up with my baby alot so could just be tiredness. I saw the ENT on Friday who said I have TMJ and referred me for an MRI rather than a slow referral to a neurologist and then an MRI. He said the pins and needles was his main concern. He didn’t mention MS but a google search of symptoms sent me into orbit and I can’t stop worrying now. I’m sure I am feeling more things now I’ve read them! I am told the wait for an MRI is 8 weeks so finding out how much it is to have a private one but not sure if that would speed things up much as the specialist would still need to see the results. Nothing ever lasts more than a few hours, and then might not be felt for weeks. The only daily thing is the tremor. I am 32. I am going to ask my GP for blood tests for B12 etc. Would love to know your thoughts. Thank you xxx

Hi theboysmummy and welcome…

What a tough time for you esp while looking after a 7 month old!

I’ve just given a long answer to little ginger who is in a similar situation to you… and I’m sorry but my energy is starting to fade so I’m not going to be able to give you such a long answer… but please read my answer to her as it’s much of the same information I would give to you.

Googling symptoms? Well yes we all tempted to do it although really it’s the worst possible thing to do. There are literally hundreds of conditions that could be causing your symptoms… but the reason why MS comes up a lot when you google is because it’s a well known condition and there’s lots of websites and forums. So it doesn’t mean you have MS just because you get those links.

I think for you there could be something else going on… but only a neuro will be able to tell you this. I’m glad you’ve been referred for an MRI as that is the first step in what can be rather a long haul. Even if they find something on the MRI it won’t necessarily mean MS.

I’m so sorry I’m unable to answer you more fully hon… but too tired.

No more googling symptoms eh? Dr. Google is unreliable and should be struck off!!!

Take care and hope you get some answers soon,

Pat x

Hi New to all this , and you have Had some great advice , but the one thing the lovely people on here told me STAY AWAY FROM DR.GOGGLE. I became obsessed with it and had wrote myself off in a matter of days Take care