Really struggling with my lhermittes tonight. Its all through my body. Any suggestions how to get it to lessen at all. Lying down or standing is no different. Thanks x

Just a thought also, being so new to this. This has got a lot worse suddenly. My relapse started at the end of May so is this going to be part of the same relapse or could it be another one ? I’m a bit scared.

I’d give my MS nurse a call.

Hey Janetv,

This happened to me, started with tingling legs for a few weeks then lhermittes appeared. It took some time but eventually it all faded away. Hope you are ok this morning,

Sennen x

I would say lhermities is a symptom following a relapse, not a new relapse, in my case one that has stayed with me, although it has lessened with time.

Strangely mine kept me awake half the night too - must of been something in the air!

Thanks guys. I will get hold of my ms nurse but she’s not working til Tuesday. I just felt so bad last night that I hoped someone else might have some nuggets of wisdom for me.

It’s settled down a bit today, though the tremors have kicked instead. That’s a new symptom for me.


my kermits came when flexing my head forward (ie. chin to chest motion)

consequently, the best guarantee to gain relief, was to indulge the opposite motion, by tilting my head back.

i understand it is caused due to a lesion on the spine. as you move your head back and forth and round and around, your spinal cord moves up and down within the spine. this can create a bit of friction / irritation and thus the kermits manifest.

mine lasted a few weeks and i am grateful to be able to say that they were more a curiosity than a pain. they do not last forever and quickly begin to improve. the only aid is a neck brace / whip lash collar, to try to inhibit motion and thus discomfort. beyond that, i guess anti-inflams might help?