Lhermittes sign :(

Hey everyone,

need your help, I phoned my MS Nurse about new symptoms im experiencing! She said it sounds like Lhermitte’s sign, I’ve read up about it and it does match my symptoms! The vibration down my spine started off quote mild and only reaching the bottom of my back but it now continues down to my feet and causing so much pain and discomfort :frowning:

is there anything I can do?! :frowning: im only 2 years diagnosed so still find things hard to accept.

thank you, leigh x

L’hermittes was one of my big things, just a tingling shoulders down, probably top half of my back only.

Just prior to diagnosis it was at it’s worst, a bit more sharp and even travelling down to my legs… soles of my feet and I was getting pretty scared!

Pregabalin/Pregabalin might help, “nerve pain” isn’t what I’d deemed as pain but the description f ner ve pain is different, basically anything here your brain is getting dodgy messages - good luck

Sonia x