I have got the Lhermitte's back and i am in agony! Advice please! - i am desperate

Hi All,

About 2 years ago i had a relapse and Lhermitte’s sign was the symptom. Oh my god - i have never ever been so bad. I wanted to rip my spine out and was becoming very depressed because it was so painful and i could not get comfy or sleep at all and could not function in the day. I had steroids and it eventually cleared up but its back again and i feel like topping myself! . Its been about 3-4 days now and its really bad. It gets worse as the day goes on and i have also got very bad pain in my feet that is also getting worse as the day goes on. Is this a relapse? I am geniunly scared. I live alone now and i am moving house in 3 weeks and i really cant cope. I am sat here now with feet that are burning and feel like the tendon is going to snap in them, stiffness in my knees, pins and needles rushing up and down my spine and the Lhermittes with every movement :(. I dont know what to do. I am so upset.

Sorry to moan :frowning: x x x x

It does sound like a relapse

Give your MS nurse a ring in the morning. Sounds like you need to at least get / up your neuropathic painkillers.

Good luck!

Karen x

Hiya Rizzo,

Thanks for getting back to me. I have been sat here in tears all night :(. Ill ring them as soon as i can in the morn :slight_smile:

Thanks Love x x x

Love the avatar

You may need to apply it to the task of phoning the nurse, if calling mine is anything to go by! If you get an answerphone, make sure and say that you need urgent help and give a few details. And keep calling!


hi linzi,

i’ve had that symptom a few times before, though i guess not as severely. it is really scary. i agree, call your nurse. but really i just wanted to write and wish you well, as i’ve been there myself … overwhelmed with what’s happening to me. you’re not alone, and you will have better days. hang in there.



Hiya, Thanks Guys :slight_smile: . My nurses are crap! Great at doing letters and the likes for benefits etc - anything were they dont have to see you or return a call! I am a nurse myself (not working presently) and i am really proud of myself in terms of the way i treat people (not trying to be big headed!!). I pride myself on my job and really sometimes wonder why on earth the MS nurses are nurses!! Get a job u like ladies hahahaha!

x x x x

did they not return your call? it does usually take a day - they often return a call the next day (at least mine do). hopefully they will be in touch soon. good luck, sending the best, xkk