Do many of you lovely people suffer with Lhermitte's sign??

Hi all, I have recently had my second relapse and this was much worse than the first! The ‘electric shock’ / ‘buzzing’ sensation that I am getting happens every time I look down (head to chin) This has been happening since the end of October and hasn’t improved! I am also still experiencing other symptoms that have hardly improved since the relapse started but I guess I am getting used to them being there and adjusting to life accordingly! Can anyone else relate to this? Offer any advice etc? Pleeeeeeease. MS nurse has said that I may need to go back on Pregabolin if this does not improve. However, I am due to start DMD’s on Friday this week and would prefer not to go back on Pregabolin as well if I can avoid it! Any help or advice welcomed as always. Many thanks fellow sufferers. x

I have that constantly when looking down and unfortunately I’ve had it for 17 years, it’s never left me, so every time I look down I get the tIngling shock in legs, I’ve noticed that when I’m on my feet longer than normal that the tingling sensation goes further up legs. I’ve been on pregabalin and tbh I don’t think it’s made any difference whatsoever and I’ve been on it for a number of years and I’m on a high dose of 600mg daily. This is just my experience of it I just like yourself manage it, I’m not suitable for DMDs. My neuro at last visit in November has put me on Tegretol. why do you not want to take pregabalin?


Yes I have l’hermitte’s as my regular reminder of Ms! If I am tired or a little under the weather it appears more prominent but generally doesn’t bother me too much.

Hope it’s not too bad for you,

Debs x

Before I had my dx this year I had Lehermittes to the extent that it made my left leg give way, and I fell repeatedly. I was knocked out twice while home alone, (paramedics were rather dishy! ) and now have permanent scars where i kept cutting above and below my left eye.

I take Gabapentin 900mgs and Tegretol 400mgs so far these seem to be doing the trick. I do still get it in my arm but put up with this.

I think it’s a case of experimenting with meds until you find what works for you.


Hi Rag Doll I have had l’Hermittes twice; one with my first relapse and again, 7 years later with my second. The second one was a lot stronger and happened in April this year. The symptoms only started to fade 7 months later and still flare up when I’m tired. The l’Hermittes stayed with me for a while but eventually I stopped noticing it as much and now it’s gone. It was never painful or too shocking - just an electric buzz running down my legs when I looked down. I took steroids but only 8 weeks after the start of the relapse so I’m not sure how effective they are. Aside from that, I’m not on medication. Best wishes Jane xx


the only advice i can offer is if the meds help then take them

i’m on rebif but also take 600mg pregabalin,22mg tizanidine,60mg amitriptyline and tramadol daily

if i miss them my legs and ankles get really sore so if it helps i take it

take care