I had spinal lesions about 6 years ago and an array of symptoms . At the time is was told that it could be a one off but if it were to happen again the diagnosis would be MS.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve the buzzing again. Initially I want 100% sure. Then it felt more like it but I couldn’t trigger it with my neck, and now it is sometimes doing it when I bend my neck and sometimes it’s just random patches at random times.

It doesn’t hurt and is really his something that I’m aware of.

Do I feel to tell the gp? If so what would I say? I’m a bit buzzy but it’s okay?

Or is this just the start of something bigger? Or is it random and unrelated?

Hello there

My names Alison, that was one of the strongest and first symptoms I had. I still have it at present. I have just been diagnosed but I would definatly speak to your GP. X

Thanks :slight_smile:
It progressed to the point that it was doing it every time I bent my neck so I have spoken to the gp. She basically said to monitor it and she’ll see me again in a few weeks.

It’s kinda been moving down the left side of my body from just below my neck and is now at the top of my thigh.

Makes me anxious of what May or may not come next?