Body trembling/ vibrating

For a few months now I’ve had this feeling that my body is vibrating inside, I told my GP and my consultant but they advised taking another Clomazepam or more Pramipexole. I’ve tried both without any success, not sure what to think, could this be MS or something new? Has anybody else had these feelings, it makes me feel odd a bit nervous, like I’m worried and feeling down. I’ve had MS for 19 years RRM and this is a new one for me. Any ideas or advise would be appreciated.


Yes I get this feeling a lot. My MS Nurse always asks if I have an infection when I speak to her about it. The last time was last week and she was right. I ended up with a terrible cold and an infecection in my armpit gands which I am now on Penicillin for.

Do you reckon you have something on the way?

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Hi, i’m not dx yet but i get this a lot, especially noticeable when i’m lying down, when it’s at its worse I have realised that its an indication that i’m going to have worse than normal symptoms that day. I have no idea what causes it. x