Hi, over this last week I’ve started to feel like I’m shaking but you can’t see it on the outside much. I’ve noticed when I lifted a full kettle I was shaking but other than that you can’t see it. It’s making me feel weak and unsteady. Anyone else have this feeling? Should I make an appointment to see my dr. ? Thanks Lynn


Is your trembling localised or general - just wondering because I’ve recently been experiencing what I can only describe as an internal tremble which seems to start around my torso but feels like it’s all over my body. Like yourself there is no visible sign. For me it seems to happen at night (-I suppose when there are less other distractions around and I’m tired) and go away during the day.

Am seeing gp for unrelated reason tomorrow but will mention it as I have been thinking it may be a symptom or possibly a side effect of medication.


I have exactly the same thing. Although sometimes my hands visibly shake, very often I can feel that my whole body is shaky wven tough it can’t be seen.

Hi Lynn, I had this at the end of 2012 and it lasted 2 months. My limbs, torso and neck were affected. It wasn’t visible to anyone but my husband could sometimes feel it if he held me tight. When I was drying my hair the trembling would make my arm too weak to hold the hair dryer up in the air for more than a few secs. My arms would even ache holding cutlery to eat and I felt so wobbly going downstairs. I happened to have a neuro review and described my symptoms and my neuro considered it to be a relapse. It was 3 months after I had optic neuritis and together with my MRI scans, resulted in my diagnosis of MS. My neuro wrote to my GP and said there were 2 drugs I could be prescribed if the trembling was troubling me a great deal but I decided to sit it out as I figured if it was a relapse, I should recover. Although 2 months seemed a long time, it did eventually fade away:-). Hope it doesn’t last too long for you Lynn. Best wishes, RedShoes

PS. A full kettle was tricky for me too!!

Hi, that’s really interesting. I’ll mention it but nearly everything I experience seems to be put down to an excassabation(? My spelling is atrocious ) of symptoms I already have. I have been fully diagnosed but I am not on dmds . Seem to take everything else though but sometimes I wonder if (drs) have my best interests at heart or if it just finances that they’re concerned with.