Is this another symptom?

I seem to have done a lot of these posts but I know you are all so helpfull thumbsup


I have had all the usual sensory symptoms ie. numbness, pins and needles, buzzing, crawling feeling but this is a new one for me and wondering if its the same thing or something else.


The best way I can decribe it is my left arm keep getting the goose bumps. You know that chills feeling you get when something tugs at your heart strings/like someone has just "walked over your grave". Anyone else had this? I probably wouldn't have noticed it only its only one arm and happens every few minutes.


Please tell me im not crazy blush

You're not crazy! I get it every day, usually more often in the evening when I'm watching the telly

S x

Not crazy, oh no not at all.

I have had that on and off when I first started exhibiting symptoms; my OH had to wrap me up with a hot bottle and blankies when it really got going!  It did settle down after a while - most likely I was coming out of relapse.


ive been getting the same feeling in my right leg wasnt sure if it was a new sympton feels to me like my foot is ice cold but my foot is warm to touch i also get the goosebump feeling but is only in one leg which feels very weird now i know its probably a new symptom x

Hi. I get the goosebump feeling down my back but just thought that was just one of those things, and i do have l’hermitted phenomenon.
One of my newbies is like ive got spiders crawling round the tip of my nose and sometimes my cheeks. So weird and damn annoying. I normally have the crawly annoying nerve pain in my chest and neck which makes me want to scratch.
Another newbie is i have to have the shower really hot for me to feel like im having a hot shower. Hubby nearly scalded himself as i left it on high.

Not having a good day today, tired to my bones, fed up, weepy, bloated and have started eating too much… Not good when ive just spent months on weight watchers losing loads.
Still have to go to work though, theyve asked me to change my hrs today as short staffed. Wish id have said no.

Sorry for rant… Its over now.