Am I imaging this

My trousers feel damp as if I have wet myself but when I feel them they don’t feel wet. Does anyone know what is happening



unfortunately just one of the many sensations we experience. be reassured it common-u r not alone.

ellie x

Freaked me out the first time I experienced this, I was so paranoid! You get used to it in the end, or just wear pads if you’re feeling especially insecure x

My sheets sometimes feel damp to my feet and legs but perfectly OK to my hands.

It’s tough when you can’t trust the sensations.

It is not unknown to Parkinsons sufferers as well. Put it down to another neurological problem.

Of course, it is not serious enough for the professionals to do anything about it.


Cheers Ellie

I’m not sure I am reassured to be common but, I like the not alone bit.



u r unique-just like everyone else! the symptom is common-but def not u-is that better?

have a good day.

ellie x

I get this it feels like cold water running down my leg, apparently it’s not unusual :slight_smile:

It is an odd thing, Tabitha, but when my wife had this “cold water running …” sensation (about 10 years ago), no-one at our GP Surgery had ever heard of it. Her Parkinsons dx came only 2 years ago.

Our youngest daughter runs a nursing team for the elderly in Lancashire, and came across one person who had the same symptom - and was worried that it could be put down to her “imagination”.

If only all the different specialities really talked to one another, it might show as an early indicator of several neurological conditions.


Its been happening to me too. Strange that when we check nothing is amiss. It must be neuropathic altered sensation at play.

Take care,



This sensation seems quite common with ms but is something that I always forget to mention to the ms nurse! I’ll put it on my list now, thanks


Me too, I’ve been thinking I’m ‘leaking’ for ages and thought my bladder problems were getting worse! Great relief to find out that others get this too. Thanks for starting the thread. Sue

Yep get it too. Actually had it as one of first symptoms and still get it all the time.

Also often think sheets are damp.

Pat x