Wetting sensation

Several times in the last two days I’ve been alarmed into thinking I’d wet my pants, due to an odd feeling of warmth moving briefly across my left thigh; this turned out to be a phantom sensation as I clearly hadn’t although I am prone to such accidents anyway. Never experienced this particular false sensation before. Get the impression it only happens when sitting as this has been the case all five occasions.

ah i wish my feelings of wetness were phantom!

c x

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Mr Bob Hi, I use to get this all the time, didn’t recall it happening only when sitting. I use to check y leg as I thought I had spilled a drink down myself. The feeling stopped and I get it now and again mainly in my hip for some strange reason. I think it is just nerve damage confusing your brain. Hope you get some peace. Andy

This sort of sensation seems to be one that the medical profession - as a whole - is not aware of (or not paying any attention to).

My wife, some 20 years back, told a GP that she felt that water was running down the outside of her leg. It was dismissed as not important. Now she has Parkinsons Disease (neurological of course).

My daughter, a senior nurse running a Care of the Elderly Team, had a patient report the same thing, with the same comment about it being dismissed.

Some months back, there was a thread here about the same thing. My guess is that, until it gets published in a medical journal, then it just did not happen.


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Altered sensation is very much part of neurological problems.

But then again, I guess we’ve all heard the one about what thought did?


A bit of wishful thinking perhaps about it only being when I sit down. If I am sitting then I’ll likely be behind a desk and can discretely check. It would be much scarier standing in front of a class.

I had this last November and passed it off as just being on my feet a lot with my job, I was diagnosed this may and only now know that these symptoms must have been related to the MS.