Funny leg feeling

Hi, some advice would be good, I’ve had a funny feeling in my left leg for a month now, it’s funny to touch from my waist down, don’t know how to describe it, I want to say it’s numb but I can feel when I touch it so can’t be numb. Feels like I’m wearing wet jeans all the time, you know that kind of wet and clinging to you feeling, and tingling when I touch left side from waist down, like in the shower or that. Does anyone else have similar, do you think it’s the ms or a sore back, should I tell consultant when I see him next month?

Hello LucyAnnie, I’d say it is MS and tell your consultant. I have feelings like that in my legs too. I touch my legs to reassure myself that they are not really wet! But my hands aren’t too good at feeling things, so that’s not necessarily reassuring.

My back is burning hot as though I have been lying out in the sun on holiday and overdone the sunbathing.

I find there are some clothes/materials which make these feelings better and some (mostly man-made) which make them worse.

My burning back has been with me some time now. The cold/wet legs come and go but I am mostly numb from mid thigh down now and with altered sensations all over my body.

Good luck. I hope the consultant can help and advise.



It does sound like a neuropathic thing to me. It’s like a crawly sensation. If it were painful, it would be something that Amitriptyline might help, but if it’s just a bit of a nuisance, then mention it, but see if you can bear it without any drugs.