Numb sensation

Hello everyone, One of my main symptoms that I am finding very hard to describe is the numb sensations. I get this mainly in my left leg but is now in my foot almost permanently but when I say numb it isn’t completely. I feel the sensation of numbness but when I touch my foot I can still feel, i.e tickle, pain (if i press my finger nail into the skin) but it feels weird, not quite right. I hope I am making sense! Does it sound familiar to any of you? I am concerned that when I have my first Neurologist appointment I am not going to be clear. Thanks Sam x

Hello Sam,

Yes it sounds familiar, my left leg went completely numb but like you I could also feel it. My right foot is like it for most of the time. When you see your neuro make a list of symptoms, the worst first and explain it in exactly the same way you have on here, they will know what you mean. Don’t forget to list any other symptoms, no matter how minor you may think they are and think back to when it all started so she/he can get a history of you.

Hope this helps and wish you luck and do let us know how you get on.



Hi Sam

I have numbness as one of my symptoms. I have it all over my face and scalp, and down most of my right side. I also have it in my left thumb, all underneath and the whole of my bottom :s Its there most of the time, but sometimes is worse than other. I can pinch my face and right side and cant feel anything most times, but occassionally I pinch myself and I can feel it a little.

Its particularly weird when I get times when I feel itchy all over, and that includes the numb bits. And then other times I feel like the numb bits buzz constantly.

I think the main point about all the weird sensations that we get are that they are weird, and hard to describe. I am sure that whatever you say to your neurologist, they have heard before.

Good luck with your appointment, when is it?

Take care

Paula xx

Yes, yes, and thrice yes. I get it in my right leg during relapses, to the knee. Half numb, basically, for a few hours. It feels very odd when I get the usual buzzing in my thigh above, though, lol. Not always at the same time, thankfully. Or even on the same day.

It’s known as a ‘sensory’ symptom. Won’t necessarily get you a Dx though, of anything. I don’t have that luxury and have had a whole lot more ‘sensory symptoms’ as well.

Hi Sam, my left foot and lower leg started like that and now I have it in both legs with pins and needles heat and stabbing pains. Sounds like alot of people get it. Good luck Sam an Mama. Frank.

Thank you all for your replies. It is so nice to be able to share a symptom that sounds strange and you all understand :slight_smile: Paula - my appointment is in October so I have a bit of a wait yet but trying to get prepared. I am nervous already! Sam x

Hi Sam,

I also get the numbness tingling feeling in both my legs. It stops just below the knee but when its bad spreads upwards. I know exactly what you mean and I liken the feeling to wearing a pair of tight knee high socks - hope that makes sense!!!

Wishing you lots of luck for your October appointment