Just wondering if anyone who has had numb areas can tell me how long they stayed numb for if it ever resolved or can it vary? When I had my neuro examination 2mths ago they found parts of me feet especially soles of heel were numb and it hasn’t changed so wondered if it ever would Axx

Hi arwen. I always seem to have numb patches somewhere on my body. I tend to notice it more when I’m in the shower…it tends to be round my lower back area and my bottom…legs also. I also always have a strange feeling under the soles of my feet but its hard to describe. It feels like I have some sticky tape stuck to the soles of my feet and its pulling the skin in…weird. Another place were I always feel numb is the vaginal area on the outside, don’t know if you or anyone else as this problem…I’ve never mentioned that to doc. MS is a weird thing to have isn’t it??

Yeah I find odd patches too and totally understand what you mean about feeling like it has sticky tape on places too. To be honest I always thought the numb patches on my bum were cos it was too fat to get any nerve supply (and as a nurse I hang my head in shame lol). Don’t know if my vaginal area is numb don’t use it anymore lol but not really lost all libido 4yrs ago. If I’m not numb you see I actually can’t bear being touched as it sends such a horrible sensation through me I was nearly demented when neuro put a vibrating tuning fork on me!!! Axx

I’d love to know the answer to this one too as the whole of my right side is completely numb. I did have altered sensations on my left side that were slightly numb and which have now gone, so there is some hope, but now I really know what numbness is!

I am numb ATM all down my entire left side (thankfully I am right handed)… It spreads right from my scalp to my toes and I have had this for about 10 days now. Have had numb patches int he past, which have lasted for about a week, but this time it’s hanging on. Unfortunatley, I don’t know the answer for how long but just wanted to empathise with you…

Hugs xxx

I’m passing no comments about sizes of bottoms lol. Believe me arwen I know about the vaginal numbness from when I am drying myself following a shower and the toilet. Sex is but a distant memory lol…I’ve got osteoarthritis of my left hip…to rusty for playing gymnastics in the bedroom.

Weird isn’t it. I also have realised that I regularly get the vibrating mobile phone sensation over my body except if I actually have my mobile in my front left side tunic pocket I never actually feel it vibrate there in reality Axx

I have similar numb patches too and it drives me mad. i have mri on 3rd at walton so hoping for some answers soon!!

Hello everyone. I just thought I’d send my first ever message here. My dad as had MS for 15 years now, he’s doing well, which touch wood will last forever :). The main symptoms that are affecting him at the minute are the fatigue and the depression. However, he made me aware of the illness, and making me (indirectly as he does not know what I am experiencing as I don’t want to worry him) think that I might have it too?

A few years ago, before falling pregnant with my second child who is now 14 months old, I have had a weird experience linked with my vision. I lost randomly some points, had exams, etc, MRI, nothing on the brain. All clear. So it just stayed like this.

I have not experienced anything similar since then, I just know that my eyes are def more sensitive and get tired more easily. Anyway, haven’t thought about all this till about a month ago when a numb patch appeared on my right lower leg. It’s not fully numb, but has been like this since then, the “feeling” being more or less strong depending on days or times. I have seen the doc last week who told me that she would refer me to a neurologist (appointment 28/01/2014) due to my dad having MS and my history.

This morning, it seems that some more numbness has appeared on my right lower arm and hand. It feels numb on the skin (stronger thatn the patch on the left) and weird in the hand. My hand is still strong enough to carry thing but feels heavier?

I know that I am no doctor, but I just wanted to ask if you think it could be MS? Sorry about the silly question…


PS: Can depression be one of the first symptoms? Or is it totally unrelated?