numb but not really

Often my leg or foot feels as though its gone numb like when you have lain on it funny but when I touch it I can clearly feel that so its obviously not numb. Anyone else get that or am I crackers A

Sorry not sure why it posted 3 times!!!

All the time!

every morning when I wake up, my right foot and leg (up to my knee) feels like that. Every single morning the same thought process goes through my mind… “is this an MS thing… or have I just slept on it the wrong way… or have I got a trapped nerve?”

It is there most of the day, & gets worse when I’m tired. My leg gets quite stiff at times too… It buzzes and tingles and sometimes the sole of my foot feels like somene is using an apple-corer on it.

I notice the ‘numb-but-not-really numb’ feeling most when I’ve been walking a lot and then stop… it is definitely still there when I’m walking, but maybe because I’m busy walking / doing things, my attention isnt so focused on it. But when I stop moving (like in a shopping queue or at a bus stop, or maybe because I’ve just got too tired) - then the numb sensation feels really noticeable.

Like you say, it feels ‘numb’ but obviously isn’t, cos when I touch it I can feel it. It has been like that for about 18 months now (although it did disappear for a few months before coming back again), but some days are definitely worse than others. It is wierd and uncomfortable and sometimes a bit distressing, and definitely disrupts my day-to-day activities (I find it difficult to relax / sleep when it is bad, and at times I have at times walked out of shopping queues and got off buses because the sensation became too much) - but, as my neurologist put it, it is not “functionally inacapacitating”.

I don’t have a definite dx of MS, but neurologist has told me and wrote to my GP saying that from MRI it is evident that I definitely have a demyelinating condition, and since MS is the most common of these conditions, it is ‘likely I will be daignosed with MS’ : I am now waiting to see MS specialist consultant . But I think partly because I have not yet received an official diagnosis (other than I ‘definitely have some form of demyelinating disease’), I find myself constantly questioning whether my numbness is related… - my mum has sciatica and her ‘numbness / tingling’ sound very similar in a lot of ways (sciatica can cause numbness / tingling in leg and foot, without necesarily causing any back/buttock/thigh pain at all - which makes it sound like I’ve spent a lot of time googling sciatica, but I honestly haven’t - I only know about it because my mum suffered really badly with it for a while!) I honestly feel quite uncertain whether my leg numbness is MS related or maybe something like a trapped nerve… I doubt myself and my symptoms a lot!!!

But I digress! - the short answer is -yes, I definitely get that wierd numb-nut-not-quite-numb feeling too x

That actually describes what I get notice it more sometimes than others and as I said to neuro when I walk sometimes it feels like my leg isn’t there and I stumble a bit but it obviously is there as I’m staying upright. Neuro could only find reduced sensation to the soles of my heels and as you say not incapacitating. I’m waiting mri so not sure what is going on. Nice in an odd way to know not just me though A xx

I get exactly the same too!

Yes, it is good to know you’re not the only one isn’t it!

And I definitely think the ‘not knowing’ part of it all - is it MS, or a trapped nerve, or have you lain the wrong way - just compounds the stress of it all (for me at least). Obviously, I don’t want to have MS, but at least if I know what it is for sure, it might be easier in some ways to accept the symptoms as and when they happen.

So I hope your MRI gives some clues as to why this is happening for you - hopefully you will get some answers soon


Yep, I get that too :slight_smile: Mainly in my lower leg but sometimes the outer thigh does too (in fact it is at the moment!). :slight_smile:


Yep, me too! I get it in my legs all the time. My legs, especially the right one, also feel very heavy and as if they don’t belong to me. I have also started getting a similar feeling in my right arm, and in my right side.

Am not dx, but this has only come on in the last 6 weeks or so.

I know exactly what you mean by it feels numb but isn’t. I do, however, have a patch on my right leg above my knee that is almost completely numb and very sensitive to touch.

I sure hope all these things can eventually be explained, for all of our sakes!

Yep, I get it in both my legs and feet, as well as one arm and one side (ribs).

I do have one area on one leg that is almost completely numb but over-sensitive to touch/pain which is also really weird, but in a completely different way!

Good job we understand each other, isn’t it???

I am in the final stages of MS diagnosis & have found it very hard to come to terms with , I too have been sufering with a wierd numb sensation in fingers & right leg, toes also have numbness which varies in degrees from time to time. I also wake up feeling like Ive slept wrong,very frustrating

Thanks Sharon and Purple. Phew you know I was convinced you’d all think I was crackers. When neuro asked if had numbness I couldn’t say yes because I thought he’d think I was a nut trying to explain that Ax

I replied to this ages ago but it seems to have got lost. I also get this so I know exactly what you mean!

Thanks my sticky toffee friend so nice to know I’m not going madder than I thought lol A

Arwen, we are all completely crackers!! And please don’t start us off on the sticky toffee again. I seem to be permenantly hungry when I come on here from all the sweet references!!! xx

Ha ha Sharon so do I. Itchy and hungry lol

Mmmm… Sticky toffee pudding…


Wondering where you were lol

Get that on and off all the time!! Awful isn’t it??

Nightmare it really freaks me out A