numbness, pins & needles in leg


about 10 weeks ago I noticed the left side of left leg and part of my foot Had numbness and tingling. ?

the gp sent me for complete blood tests an all came back fine, then I had a NCS done, which all came back negarive too. So now I have to see GP again.

over the last few days I have felt like something us being pulled tight around my ankle, and feels achy

my leg goes numb from hip to toe sometimes and few times I have lost feeling completely in my leg for few moments.

3 times the keft side of my face goes tingly, for a few moments.

I have googled and ended up here…anyone else have these feelings,

Sorry for whittering on.

Yea I have these feelings too, mine has progressed since last June. Started off with like numbness/nerve pain in arm/hand, then stomach/ back then my leg and foot. & just general altered sensations throughout my body. Now, the whole of the right side of my body goes numb and nerve like pain even my face, neck…the works. In the last few weeks it started on my left. It didn’t progress like the right side, all of it just started to go numb at the one go. My neuro is doing the whole ‘watch & wait’ approach. I had a full spine MRI and tonnes of bloods a few months back. MRI showed a few vertebrae issues in my cervial & thoracic areas but no mention of lesions. So back to neuro in a few months time to see were I stand. Good luck @ your GP. I hope you get sorted. However, some of these diagnosis procresses seem to take A LOT of time. Take care

Hi RR25,

went back to the GP, he seams to think its something to do with my spine?

and has refered me for an MRI, so now am just waiting for the appointment to come through.

yesterday in work the left side of my top lip went numb…weird feeling.

good luck to you too with your neuro

Sounds very much like the symptoms I had/have, which sent me to the GP and I am seeing a neuro in early August. The band pulled around ankle feeling sounds very like what I have - also around the foot - which actually feels quite nice, a bit like an invisible hand is massaging it. I do also have balance/dizziness problems though.

Lets hope that the MRI provides some answers as to what is causing your symptoms. I gather that diagnosing neurological problems can be a long drawn out and tricky affair on occasion.

Hi, yes - I have an odd kind of numbness mostly on my left. On my face it feels like a constant tingling on my cheek. It varies in intensity and once went to ‘visit’ the right cheek then crawled back! The tip of my tongue also tingles. It feels like I scalded it a day or two ago (but didn’t - though this has caused me to actually scald it a couple of times) My left leg started below the knee, feeling slightly different and not sensing heat as well as my right. It often feels like I’m wearing a sock. I can sense touch on my skin but slightly reduced; the odd thing is that my sense of pressure is reduced. Today I feel like I’m wearing an odd pair of tights, thick in some places, thin in others. I don’t get the band around the ankle but have had it under my ribs. There seem to be various different types of ‘numbness’. Can anyone recommend a good link?

Oops…PS I’ve been officially diagnosed with FND (functional neurological disorder) due to clear scans but am seeking a second opinion.