numbness, pins & needles in leg


about 10 weeks ago I noticed the left side of left leg and part of my foot Had numbness and tingling. ?

the gp sent me for complete blood tests an all came back fine, then I had a NCS done, which all came back negarive too. So now I have to see GP again.

over the last few days I have felt like something us being pulled tight around my ankle, and feels achy

my leg goes numb from hip to toe sometimes and few times I have lost feeling completely in my leg for few moments.

3 times the keft side of my face goes tingly, for a few moments.

I have googled and ended up here…anyone else have these feelings,

Sorry for whittering on.

Hallo. Well it does sound like it could be a neurological problem. Dont jump to it being MS, let the GP do a referral and see what occurs.

luv Polx