Bit unsure

Hi I have been having pins and needles, numbness and loss of strength on and off for a few years and finally went to my GP last week as for near enough the whole of October I have been having really weird things going on, which I will go on about in a bit. After explaining all symptoms to quack he took blood and asked if I had heard of MS as that could be causing my symptoms … He’s referring me to a neuro! I left a bit stunned to say the least!! After looking on this website I can see where he was coming from. I’ll begin at the beginning A few years ago I went to GP as I had pins n needles across the back of my shoulders which sometimes used to ‘burn’ I was given amitripilyne (?) but a low dose, never helped so never went back for more. The pins etc used to come and go so just pushed it to the back of my mind. On a few occasions I have had numb arms and burning shoulders and like a squeezing feeling like someone was hugging me to tightly! Since the beginning of October I have been sooooooooooooo tired on doing the simplest of tasks, had really numb arms, loss of power and grip loss ( more in my left side), and today the tips of my fingers are burning and numb, burning sensation( which is driving me mad) across shoulders and down top of arms, occasional blurred and double vision, occasional headaches , memory lapses, mixing up words etc but sometimes it feels like my windpipe just closes for a second! I just can’t shake it off, I have never really had anything in my legs though I do get pins n needles on soles of feet After reading the symptoms I can also add symptoms like optic neuro to the history, I am confused and a bit worried but what will be , will be and I was wondering if anyone else had the same symptoms and was in the same predicament as me at the moment

Hello and welcome to the site

I’m not in the same situation any more, but many people on here are and we all understand.

I realise that it’s scary, but please try not to worry too much. Yes, it’s possible that it’s MS, but there are a load of conditions that can cause these types of symptoms so keeping an open mind is pretty important. Hopefully the neuro will be able to work things out fairly quickly for you, but I’m afraid neurology is complicated so it can take a while.

So rest lots, avoid trawling the internet (there are some real crackpots out there!) and take it one day at a time.

Hopefully you’ll get some answers very soon.

Karen x

Hi Karen Thank you for taking the time to reply :slight_smile: I was just browsing and I just thought I’d post as i haven’t told anyone yet, was waiting till I have something to say! Glad I have found this site and all the lovely people who use it, though at the back of my mind, fingers crossed I will be ok ( bet everyone thinks that :frowning: ) . If I have any more questions I know where to come Thank you again Ruby x

Hi Ruby, Im new on here too & have posted about my symptoms & the possibility of MS.

Its really scarey not knowing what you have isn’t it. At least once you have a diagnosis you can deal with it.

Take care, Cath

Hi Cath, It is scarey not knowing I agree but it is nice to know that they’re are people out there who are also experiencing the same horrible situation! I have read your posts and I wish you well on your journey Keep us posted Take care Ruby x