MS Symptoms

Hi everyone,

This is my first message, but I have been looking at the forum for a few weeks now as I have been experiencing weird symptoms.

My story is that when I was 15 I had two month period of pins and needles in my legs and hands. I went to the neurologist at the time and had VEPs done, these must have come back normal as I was discharged from hospital with no further investigations.

Fast forward 12 years (now 27) of being absolutely symptom free and I have had the worst month health-wise. Started off with a slight headache, which has now gone, pins and needles in all limbs, feeling of weakness in my left leg and arm, although still able to walk fine. I also feel like I have a lot of tightness in my calves mostly at night. Also, now having problems with increased urination frequency. Had a clean CT scan in A&E.

I have seen a Consultant neurologist, he is an MS specialist luckily, he took a medical history, carried out a neuro exam and said that I should not be worried about MS, but he has ordered a MRI scan anyway. He said sometimes neurological events can just happen without reason and that something would have shown on the CT scan (?).

I am just so down about this all, I have a really supportive husband and family, but still finding the possibility of MS difficult to deal with. Any advice on coping with waiting/symptoms would be greatly appreciated.



Allo Katie.

Oh luv, I know how worrying and scary all this stuff happening is.

But it isnt sounding like a clear case of MS.

But as you know, MS can come in all colours and styles!

But there are 350 known neurological conditions…then there`ll be many many more besides!

I was highly suspected of having MS…for a long time, which was finally quashed in 2011.

I`m gonna tell you what is a really hard thing to do.

Stop reading up on MS…let your neuro do the tests and and take a deep breath.

You are so young to be weighed down with summat that might not be.

Look after yourself, eat, play and sleep well.

much luv Granny Pollxx