Pins and needles

Good morning. I’m in limbo land waiting for a diagnosis. I struggled yesterday with the heat and had extreme exhaustion. Until now I’ve had occasional pins and needles in my right arm and very occasionally in my left leg. I also drop things with my right hand. Tidaybitbhas got much worse, I can hardly pick up a drink container with my right hand, I dropped a cup from my left which is new. I have strong pins and needles in both arms and left leg. I have also just started with pins and needles across my head and in my lips. Is this normal or should I be calling my doctor. Any advise very gratefully received.

when do you see your neuro again?

the heat certainly does sap what little strength we have.

drink lots of water and rest when you can.


I’m waiting for the next appointment to come through. Went private to start with but am just swapping to the NHS. My GP sent the referral off on Monday. I also had my MRI then. I understand from the neuro’ secretary that he will be sending me a report in the post from that.

Hello I’m also in limbo waiting to see the neurologist since March I’m on the urgent list but was told it’s still a long wait! I have had similar symptoms to you I lost the feeling in my left leg which triggered my initial visit to the GP from there it’s been blood test after blood test two MRI s and a frustrating wait with increseing symptoms not just a bad leg anymore now have buzzing in both legs pain in groin pins and neediles in hands and foggy head and working full time I’m finding it hard I really hope we both get some answers soon Good luck x