still waiting

I’ve just joined so sorry if the post is not the best.

Currently awaiting to be diagnosed. Had symptoms for around 3 yrs now. started off with pins an dneedles feeling in my left arm. Had ct scan, mri and lumbar puncture- all ok.

Have not seen neurologist for around 18mths but got apt coming up after cahsing it and finding i was way overdue -think they ha dforgotten bout me!

New symptoms include numbness and pins and needles in left arm and leg and, sometimes in right leg.

Pain and patchy vision- sometimes with colour vision affected

tiredness, problems getting words out and concentration issues. new this week is a numbness in my tongue.

All the tests I’ve had have come back as inconclusive- what do you think my neurologist will do next?


Hello Beth and welcome,

Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time at the moment. As you haven’t seen a neuro for around 18 months it’s highly likely she will request a MRI, LP and blood tests along with certain tests for your eyes. I hope your appt ’ is soon, in the meantime take care.