Still waiting to see the neurologist.

Hi all, it has been 7 months since I was referred to neurology, waiting to see a neurologist at the Walton Liverpool hospital. I have been living with chronic pins and needles in my feet for over 8 years now, my doctor suspected Ms but I had a normal brain mri scan and a tested negative for peripheral neuropathy. Just a quick question really, for over a year the pins and needles have spread to my arms and upper body, I wake up frequently with a dead arm and not the side I am lying on, it has been occurring a lot lately. Sometimes one side of my body goes all numb when sleeping. I have always had the pins and needles in my feet. Has any one experienced something similar?

It could be anything. You will need more tests. You know, report all newly developed symptoms to your GP and ask them to do an urgent referral. It will hopefully speed up things.

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