two queries…if anyone can advise

  1. is it typical (of what I’m not sure) to get numbness (in lower leg/forearm for example) that comes and goes or does the numbness stay forever once it’s started?

  2. how can something thatis so numb to the touch be so painful all the time?

Cheers x

When I had my first attack in March this year I was numb all down left side from head to toe with severe pins and needles but if anything touched me on my left side it felt like rocks were digging into me! Was awful and confusing at the same time. I thought the same as you, how can something so numb hurt so much when touched?? I soon learned that it was very typical of MS and forum members started coming out of the woodwork with very similar feelings/sensations and symptoms.

I couldn’t wear shoes for a week or so because they felt so stiff and rigid. Laying on my mattress in bed on my left side felt so bulky like laying on pebbles even though I couldn’t really feel the mattress due to the numbness. So bizarre!

Hi Sara

Bizarre probably is the best way to describe some of the symptoms.

I get random patches of numbness which come and go whenever they feel like it, in my feet and legs but more commonly in my right forearm, just below the elbow. Sometimes my fingers and also my lips (on my face) too…

My legs are the most painful area and again, some days they’re worse than others.

Debbie xx

Hi Sara. Im not dx yet (seeing neuro on 3rd July) but have been told many times now that it is ‘highly likely’ I have MS. I have numb patches on my face (from under my right eye to half way down my neck - right side only), both my thumbs are numb and both my little fingers, I have random numb patches on my legs, and both my feet are numb. Im on amiltryptiline so maybe thats why I dont hurt, but it is a very strange feeling; the numb areas feel very heavy. This has been happening for the past 14 weeks, since I got Optic Neuritis in both eyes (I first wondered if it was to do with ON but optholmologist said no).

I hope you get some answers. Take care xx

I had exactly the same problem trying to explain it to my neuro rehab nurse today.

My problem is my fingers, I know I can feel them but touching things feels odd and makes fiddly things and grip a problem.

She seemed to understand my inability to explain it and is sending me some fingerless gloves that they use for nerve related issues that she feels may help. Only time will tell.

Are you on any neuropathic pain relief meds?


My right leg goes numb knee to foot for hours on end, when I’m in a relapse, and also I once had my left upper gum go completely numb, like I’d had lots of novacaine injections in it, for three hours. None of my symptoms ever go on for more than a few hours, and often it’s a case of what is the symptom du jour? Relapses are just that I get lots in one day and for about 8 weeks, with new ones every time I have one, added on.

My neuro’s acolyte told me that what I had was perfectly normal, lots of people have it, and my Gp could help with the symptoms. Cheeky blighter.

Thanks everyone - so much of what you all describe is how I feel (or don’t feel, as the case may be). At the moment I can’t properly feel the keyboard keys so have to look at each one to make sure I am pressing it!!! I always have to look at things to pick them up, do up buttons etc. as otherwise I can’t tell I’ve got hold of them. I’ve never been a clumsy person but now I drop things all the time as I can’t feel if I’ve got a firm grip. But along with this my fingers (and legs) feel as if they are buzzing - weird. Also I often have the feeling of walking on pebbles, even on a wooden floor. I take pregabalin but can’t up the dose anymore as it makes me feel sick. Thanks ot you all for responding - on the one hand, I’m glad it’s not just me but on the other, I empathise!

I get such sever numbness that my lower left leg felt as if it had been amputated.I touched it and felt nothing.It was so bad when I tried to stand up it felt as if my leg had been removed.I also get the same numbness in the hands.

It realy is a horrible feeling.