Numb breast!

I have a completely numb area on my right breast. It is to the left of my nipple, cleavage side and about 1-2 inches in diameter. I can’t feel anything at all even if it is pushed with the tip of a pen.

Does anyone else have this as a normal part of ms?


I get numb patches like you describe, they come and go - once it was half my head, including my tongue, I could have drawn a line down the middle of my face where it stopped (but I didn’t cos that would have been silly). I wouldn’t worry over much about it, but maybe get checked by your GP?

Luisa x

Hi Anon

The whole of my left breast is as u describe. I cant feel anything at all on the surface but if pressure is applied then I am aware of which area is being pressed. Dunno how much help that is to you-except that it happens-you arent the only one.

In fact, most of my skin is like that-hence the burns and injuries as I have no (or very little) sense of temperature. I smelled my hand burning on the oven grill before I felt it and had a bit of glass in my foot for ? how long…

Occassionally I am aware of feeling on my skin-hypersensitive to the point its sore! So personally I prefer numb to pain. I am aware thats not acceptable to everyone,am just saying that having experienced both then I know which one is easier (for me) to cope with.

Take care.

Ellie x

Hi, Been there, had that! Slightly strange and worrying, but as I am learning, numb patches can happen anywhere,… I’m going through the numb left bum cheek at the minute xx Jo x

Yep, me too, numb bits all over the place, hands, feet, half body, head, tongue and delicate places too. Its darn annoying especially when we bump into things and cannot feel the pain but see the results - bruises etc.

You have to be careful when the feet are involved, you could break them and not feel a darn thing or have delayed reaction some time later, its all rather odd - sensory I believe.

Expect quite a few msers also bite their tongue, mine is sore so I get delayed pain afterwards but at the time could eat it for breakfast.



Thank you all, I am much reassured, even if not impressed by my body! My little finger is the same. I have to admit to laughing at Jo’s left bum cheek , sorry dear!!

I’ve not had this but have had other random numb bits and altered sensation. I once had a completely numb bum and it felt like someone was trying to push a balloon up there!

Worst one I had was a complete numb left side of my body. I am seriously saying I could draw a line down myself and exactly 50% had no feeling.

Note, I am a man so for me that meant one side of my mouth had no feeling (including taste buds so everything tasted strange), half of my body (torso, arm, leg, etc.) and most worryingly one of my testicles and 50% of my “little man!” (just on the left side). From a guys point of view - the lower region worries us far more than taste buds!

Lasted for about 5 weeks in the end before coming back pretty much over a 2 day period. Since then I have had the odd spots (hand, part of my arm, foot and so on) stop for anything from around 4 hours to several days.

Since the first time, I worry a lot less about the little bits (as long as its not my jewels) - if I am still walking then I am fine.

See - there are always others who had a worse experience and I am sure there are more that have had far worse than me. Worst bit for me was I burnt my hand and didn’t notice. It was the smell in the end that someone pointed out before we realised it was my hand smoldering! Still have some light scarring left from that one