Numb at top of right arm/chest

Hi all,

ok so I’m hoping someone can relate to this as not sure if it’s ms or something else and scaring me.

My right hand side of my body has always been the weakest and always the first to present problems since I was diagnosed 15 yrs ago!

after my last official relapse ( about 5 yrs ago) amongst other little symptoms that I’ve been left with I was also left with numb/pins and needles in both feet.

im now noticing a numb/swollen/bigger/awareness of my right arm at the top and reaching against my down right side of my chest/breast/ shoulder It feels more noticeable when I haven’t got many clothes on ( sorry for the tfi)

ive noticed this “feeling” before a while back and obv went to the gp who didn’t notice anything unusual plus I’ve had a mammogram and been checked regards that area… but a X-ray on my shoulder last yr showed up a trapped nerve so I guess this could have been the reason. But it seemed to wear off and now I’m noticing again so I’m thinking it could actually be an ms symptom as I know all kinds of sensory problems arise with ms. I’m a real worrier so just wanted to see if anyone had experienced similar?? I’m kinda reluctant to go to docs as nothing to physically show and hard to explain. I also have regular full blood counts due to being on tysabri. I’ve contacted my ms nurse and not had any response as usual.

Ps during one relapse my whole of right side and most of my left side was numb!

apologies for waffling.


Hi there,

I know exactly what you are talking about - I have most definitely experienced the “numb/swollen/large” feeling you are referring to. For me, I had it in both hands and I described it as if I felt like I was wearing baseball mitts. It was very very uncomfortable for me and I didn’t have too much function of my hands due to it.

If this is new to you, I would suggest being persistent with calling the nurse/doctor. I know it can get frustrating when no one is returning your call, but it will at least give you peace of mind and get the ball rolling if you needed to see ur neuro! And I most certainly would not hesitate going to see your doctor! Especially if you are referring to your neurologist, they are very much aware that MS symptoms are not always visible to the eye (as I would assume your family doc would be as well). But don’t give up, hit that redial button and make those tax dollars count!!




I had my first and so far, only relapse last year but it was a big one. During the relapse I was totally numb across my whole body. I was aware that some of the numbness might remain after the relapse, and it has - permanent numbness/tingling/feels like I’m wearing gloves on both hands,and fluctuating numbness across my chest, arms, back and stomach.

I was on gabapentin and now pregabalin to try and rid the numbness but it’s not helped. Weirdly I am getting used to it. I still work, drive, write etc with no issues. When I asked my MS nurse she reassured me that it’s not doing any further damage, and although uncomfortable it’s just a clear example of the damaged myelin protecting the nerve, therefore making random parts feel numb.

I hope you do get answers, and maybe meds that reduce the numbness for you

amy x

Many thanks to both of you for your comments it’s much appreciated… at least I know I’m not going mad haha… my nurse did actually reply to my email a day or so ago but she didn’t answer my question ( don’t think she read it properly ) so I’ve emailed again but now Ive noticed the “crawling “ sensation in the top half of my torso so I’ve included this in the email. I know what you’re saying about your whole body being numb too as I had that in two of my relapses and it’s not nice at all. But this “new” sensation of numb/ awareness/ large in just one area of my body is new to me… anyway I will how I’m feeling when I get to see her next month with regards to getting meds but thank you again… I hope you are both keeping well ( as well as we can ) Sharon x