Numbness spreading


Numbness started in my feet and lower legs, now its on my thighs. It feels like a tight band around my leg and always worse when laying on it.

Does anyone else get this typre of numbness that moves about?

Thanks Christine

the relapse which prompted my diagnosis was mainly of a numbness theme.

i woke one morning with a dead hand; i could still feel things, temperature etc, but it was definitely ‘fuzzy’. kind of like when your finger tips prune from being in the pool for too long.

a few days later a similar patch occurred on the side of my torso. meanwhile one of my feet and a calf started to feel on fire.

all these little areas of concern spread over the course of a week or two and encapsulated an entire one half of my body…

and then the exact same order of events began, (although thankfully to a much lesser degree and smaller area) on the other side. i am also grateful that the progression stopped at my chest and didn’t move up into my face. i think i would have found that to be quite upsetting.

at the height of this, my hips knees and knuckles all felt impossibly tight whilst using them; ie. when walking or wiggling my fingers. the walking i just battled through and i managed to avoid falling or tripping. the fingers tho were right little bastids; writing was a tremendous chore, as was typing. in fact if my eyes were closed, i couldn’t tell you whether i had made a fist or my fingers were out stretched.

by about week six, the sensations started to melt away. the last things to occur went first and now almost 24 months later, only the hand which started it all persists with the ‘pruned sensation’… but that too varies in severity, even if it never completely goes away.

in the end, i was able to identify what provoked the situation and i have since worked hard to avoid such scenarios. i am also eating differently and am on the glorious tecfidera.

I appreciate that none of this is likely to be of use to you, but i would add… things will get better and you have to know that. you must remain determined to carry on regardless, to indulge every form of optimism and positivity. exploit everything at your disposal to fight what you fear might be. this is just one of life’s little challenges to over come.

good luck!

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Feel kinda same - heaviness in my legs and numbness. Earlier when i could walk or run this feeling was not constant, mostly in the morning, and it quickly passed. Now, when I moving mainly in a wheelchair, this feeling just became permanent.

Thanks, the way you describe numbness like being in the water too long is exactly how my thigh feels, numb ut not quite numb. I wonder why bedclothes make it worse. When i think about it my first numbness was a few years ago around my bum area…like id been sitting too long.

I remember someone saying ms symptoms are like snowflakes…i wondered what they meant by that and now im understanding what they meant…

Hi Doltman,

Did the numbnes move further up your trunk…im worried that every part of me will feel numb before long.


when I had a relapse starting it would (for example) start with numb fingers, gradually over a few days/weeks it would creep up my arm & across my chest, reach a peak & then just as gradually fade away.

A relapse could, from start to finish, often take three to four months to clear. Everyone has different experiences with a relapse, some shorter, some longer…some fully recovered, others less so.

I am now SP, so no longer have relapses as such, just a gradual worsening of symptoms.


I currently have numbness in my right leg which I have had for six weeks now. I was only officially diagnosed last week with MS so not sure what to expect long term. It’s all very daunting DVD scary for me as I don’t know what to expect in the future with relapses, i guess everyone is different. I’m currently on 500mg daily for five days of metrodine, hoping these alleviate the current symptoms I have. Any advice appreciated. Thanks

Advice: get on Tecfidera and get on it now

Good luck!

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