Numbness in a different place and don't know what to do...

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed about a year ago and have been fairly well since. However,about ten days ago my balance started getting worse and then yesterday I realised that the whole of the right hand side of my body felt numb. Like having had pins and needles that have gone but have left a numb,heavy feeling. I’ve had numbness before but always on the left hand side! It seems to be spreading to the other side.

I saw the neuro who diagnosed me last year privately because NHS waiting list seems to be so long. I don’t know whether I shouls try to see him again or go to my GP or try to contact MS nurse (who I have never been put in touch with - I gave up last year because when I rang her there was a message saying she was on long term sick leave!?!)

I would be grateful for any advice



Hi Claire,

It sounds like a relapse to me.

Although relapses are never “good news”, it doesn’t mean it’s spreading. The parts of your body affected are completely random. Just because it was left hand side in the past doesn’t mean it always will be.

When you were diagnosed, weren’t you told what to do if you thought you were having a relapse? I’ve got a number to ring, dor the relapse clinic. I would have thought MS nurse was the first port of call, for most people - although I’ve never been put in touch with one - just like you!

I don’t think it is standard procedure to go back to the neurologist for every relapse, although if they were getting a lot worse or a lot more frequent, you’d probably have to, to review treatment options.

I’d try the nurse first, and if that still draws a blank, then your GP.



Hi from my last years experience the numbness on each side indicates the start of another relapse (i had 4 so far) i agree with Tina speak to your nurse first and take it from there. Does anyone know if you get numbness in the hands and feet that its another relapse ive had flu like symptoms and legs,spine are extremly painful, i normally get it on one side or the other of my body. My nurse is getting back to me but any thoughts would be great, finally good luck Clare hope you get what you needxx