I am on Fire.......Body is burning.......eeek. Nerves.

Is it just me, or do you have days unexpected where you feel your body is on fire? Mine is from my torso downwards today. I had a bit of a DO yesterday my left foot weak side when dead and I found it really hard to walk.

This morning i woke up BUZZING HEAD, TINGLING, VIBRATING, SPASMS IN THIGH, PAIN IN FEET, like going mad. I really struggled to get up.

My husband helped me, and i felt like i had the worse flu again and no temperature, so my care worker took a urine sample down to make sure i didnt have an infection as burning urine and frequency. Just resting and my torso downwards is on fire, I swear to god it is. My feet are hurting with nerve pain and vibrating down my legs omg i feel like screaming.

I have no temperature, urine sample clean.

I have had this before but never this bad and my GP did say it was nerve overload.

I know i have been really overdoing things and the heat has gotten to me.

Not sure i should bother my doctor or not… Does anyone else get this? I am totally fed up with all this to be honest, i can never catch a break one minute fine, then the next down. Fed up.

I have that from the waist down its been really bad lately and my Neurolo as treated it with IV steroids its a cord relapse I’m having,its horrendous maybe you should let your ms nurse know,I sympathise because its awful : ((

Yes I do, and it’s a real nuisance because it keeps me awake at night and I hate anything that does that! It’s mainly my legs and feet, especially my feet and gets worse later on in the day.

Sometimes it has the buzzing with it, or that can happen on its own, there doesn’t seem to be any pattern to it.

I can’t relate it to anything else, like hot weather or activity, it just happens some days. I just assumed it was what your Doc said, nerve overload.

Feet on the cold floor tiles helps sometimes - as long as I can feel it!

I wonder if its triggered from all the heat. I am going to talk to my GP I really feel rotten today. xx