Hello all,

Not sure if this has been posted about before but has anyone found since they have had ms that they bruise more easily? Is this something linked to ms and is there a reason?

Just curious…

The reason I bruise more easily is that I have poor balance and dizziness which means I am always grabbing at things to stay upright and I inevitably get lots of bruises on my forearms. My awful walking leads me to bang into things too which leads to lots of bruises on my legs. Is this why you bruise so easily? Teresa xx

As an irish ginger I have skin that is so white it’s slightly blue so any bruising shows up clearly but I haven’t noticed any more bruising since I was diagnosed.


Kind of, I do bang in to things but seem to get random bruises and sometimes I only have to tap something and I have a bruise and never used to bruise this easily and they last for ages.


I’m still awaiting diagnosis but my consultants and i are pretty sure it’s MS. I’m black and have never bruised easily but I woke last week to a massive bruise under my right big toe. Week before I had one on a finger. No idea how they got there.

I’m with Teresa on this - I don’t think I bruise more easily than most people, or more than before. But I think I’m more accident-prone. I haven’t had any literal falls, but I tend to misjudge narrow spaces, and hit myself on something. And I’m clumsier with things, so I end up bashing heavy shopping bags against my legs, and things like that. The other day, I hit my head on the wing mirror of a bus, whilst getting off. That’s a first, in well over 20 years using buses. I haven’t suddenly grown taller, and wing mirrors are always in pretty much the same place, so no idea why I would suddenly walk into one. I don’t think my sight is affected, so it isn’t that. Just a slight misjudgement, or not walking in a straight line when I expected to, is my guess. Also if you have any sensory impairment, this can include pain perception too. So it might be you’re not feeling the bumps at the time, but only noticing the bruises later. Because you didn’t feel it, you don’t remember how they got there. Tina x

I am just more wobbly and walk into stuff frequently. :slight_smile:

I’ve always bruised easily. I’m a typical redhead…although blonde highlights now pale skin and freckles.

Unexplained bruising, can sometimes be a sign of a underlying problem in some people, so if you are concerned, just make an appointment to see your gp and if neccessary he/she can arrange a blood test.


I notice from your other post, Kelly, that you are on Gilenya. Unexplained bruising is a common side effect. I have always bruised easily and I’m always noticing bruises and cannot remember how I came by them. I only have to bump a shopping bag against my legs and I bruise. I’m very fair skinned so I often look like I’ve done 10 rounds in a kick-boxing ring!


Hi I’m new to the forum and have been reading the posts. I have had a severe relapse about 12 weeks ago and ive got really clumsy - falling over and dropping stuff but I have also noticed that I bruise easily more so now than before!

My wife gets bruises on boulth her legs they started on her shin and worked them selves up to her thight like I said on boulth legs same spot all she does is laydown most of the day i have read that you may get white spots like if you were not to have the right nutrition but not bruises i hope some one knows what causes unexplained bruises.

i blame the door handles in our house. they are the work of satan! they leap out and bruise my arms even when (i think) i’m holding them in. beware the evil door handles

I definitely bruise more easily…But then I trip more easily, can’t “catch myself” and go splat. Result = bruised knees, wrists ankles. Fell in the garden last week. Fell in church sunday (who put that step there?). So bruised knee and tender ankle.

We say in our house, we should have shares in tiger balm and arnica cream. Heat pad is also working overtime with stiff muscles. Try driving electric wheelie half hour one way and then same back again. OK my legs are not aching but my arm!!!

I found yet another new bruise on my upper arm earlier. No clue how it got there. I’m pretty sure I’d remember if someone grabbed me by the upper arms and shook me roughly. Otherwise, it’s a total mystery. Bruises on my hands are easily explained, that’s from hitting doorways as I go through them in my wheelchair. Equally shins, knees, elbows, just me being a clumsy oaf. But there are some that just appear in random places.


I have just joined this forum and yours is the first post I have read. I am only suspecting I have MS but I have unexplained bruising mostly on my stomach but can be on legs and upper arms. They usually aren’t sore but last for ages. They just appear over night and definitely has nothing to do with injuring myself. They just appear but as I said I haven’t been diagnosed yet. I’m still trying to find out why I’m so tired all the time. I thought it was hormonal but have been checked for this and I’m normal. I never thought of MS before

Unexplained bruises can have many causes. It’s not typical of MS. Many of us with strange bruises have just knocked ourselves and forgotten (maybe because it happens so often). And those, like me, who’ve answered this post with a questionable bruise often don’t expect that the answer is MS. With me, it’s probably just that I’ve done some damage turning myself over or because of general immobility.

I wouldn’t expect that if you saw your GP and said ‘I’ve got strange bruises that I can’t account for’, the last thing they’d do is refer you to a neurologist for tests related to possible MS.

Equally, fatigue is not exclusive to MS, has your GP checked for vitamin deficiencies?

I hope you find an answer soon.


Fatigue also can be due to thyroid deficiency