Bruising and MS

Hi all,

I have heard about the link between MS and bruising many times, but of course when I try and look for it I can’t find anything!

I have had MS for 15 years and am blessedly only mildly affected and don’t take any meds (so no blood thinning side effects) but I bruise very easily, like a peach!

Can anyone shed any light on the relationship between MS and bruising please, and although I sometimes walk into things, that wouldn’t account for it all!


Roary :slight_smile:


i dunno about any link but i do know that i am covered in them! unexplained i may add.

even got a purple knuckle currently as well as the usual arm/legs.

will be watching replies with interest!


A fellow peach :slight_smile:

I only bruise easily because I’m so clumsy. Even in a wheelchair. I’m constantly swearing as I go round the house bumping into doorways, dragging my knuckles along a wall, hurtling into cupboard doors and bashing my knees, not to mention running over my own feet.

I say I’m a peach, but actually I’m just a clumsy oaf.



Yeah, I put it down to me being a clumsy clot and walking into things more than usual…corners of desks, door frames etc. I do keep finding bruises that I don’t remember doing anything to cause… oh well, shrug, another bruise…I wonder what caused that one then?

Hi all,

Yep I bruise like an apple, last year I had an accident, yet again, and smashed my face in, after having a fight with an iron railing! 24 hours after I looked like I’d gone 10 rounds with with a heavy weight boxer. My left arm was black from above the wrist to below the shoulder and I had two enormous black eyes. The facial bruising was so bad it would have scared children.

I looked in the mirror and thought “this won’t fade for 5 or 6 weeks” and blathered all the bruises in arnica, I continued to do this 3 times a day until the bruising had gone, what was amazing was all of the bruising had gone in 10 days!

I have continued to wonder if the combination of vitamin d and arnica healed the bruising far quicker than I had I used nothing,

The vitamin d is Colecalciferol, prescription only vitamin d prescribed by my GP after my neuro said I should be prescribed this.

But do try Arnica, it might have been just this alone.

Lol, always have bruises, but, also always walking into things. Oh & forgetting ! Most people would notice walking into something, for me it’s a Opps, tets pretend that didn’t happen. A year ago if I walked into a wall, corner or door I would have laughed about it all day ! Now, it’s a normal part of life which I gloss over !

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I bruise so easily. The weird thing is they stain… yes stain. Months after after a bruise has gone I see the shape under my skin. Only In a certain light, but it’s there.

Sarah, you are not alone in this! I find that people who don’t know me well say things like ‘oooooo, mind yourself’ or ‘careful’ which I find really annoying.

I just blame objects for trying to trip me up or moving if anyone notices!

But I have heard from more than one person about genuinely spontaneous bruising related to MS. Or did I just imagine it again…!

And Tilly, I have that sometimes too and I now exactly what you mean.

Roary, :slight_smile:

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