OT virgin take two.

Hello on this bright Friday afternoon.

The scheduled inaugural appointment with my OT was delayed yet again. She subsequently arrived at the new date on time (promising). My young daughter Rose took to her straight away (even more promising). Anyway she had a good look at everything and did not hold back, making specific recommendations for the bathroom. She wanted us to turn the shower into a wet room (hooray) and has set the ball rolling for that. She also offered a trial of a Mangar ELK lifting cushion for help in my spectacular falls (anyone used one?). Overall I felt very glad that I’d made my initial approach as the daily hefting of my bloated frame into the shower cubicle has been causing concern lately. I didn’t mention to the father in law that the panelling he had recently inserted on the bottom of the shower would have to go.

Best wishes, Steve

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Hi Steve

What a result, I’m so pleased for you.

Don’t envy you having to tell the Father in law though

Best regards


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Hi Steve,

good luck with the father in law!

I remember Don (hoppity) talking about a thing he was waiting for, not sure if it was a similar thing but it was called a camel and it was something to do with lifting him. I’m not too sure if he has had delivery but hopefully if he sees this he will be able to tell you more. My memory is normally way way beyond bad but funnily enough I recall Kev suggesting it should be called Sopwith!!

Nina x

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Steve- I’ve been pumped up on one of those by the emergency services after a fall. Very useful. We’ve also used our Mangar bath cushion (which OT gave us) for the same purpose, after I tipped out of my wheelchair a few months back. It did work, but the ELK is bigger than the bath cushion and totally fit for purpose.

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Glad it wasn’t too painful Steve. Don’t envy your wife’s response to telling your father in law about the panelling either but I’m sure the wet room will be well received and very helpful. While they’re at it see if it’s possible to get a clos-a-mat too. I’ve just got one and I’m sure it’ll be very good when I need it but I’ve managed since installation. It’s a really fancy wash me / dry me loo that will preserve both my skin and dignity if unable to properly clean and they can set it at different heights etc. I got a grant that paid for it as unfortunately I’ve had to give up work and my savings have dwindled badly.

Good luck for the talks and I just want to warn you that it does often take a while, so you can postpone your awkward chat till you’ve got him drunk.

Cath xx

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone. The news was taken stoically and soon forgotten after a couple of my home made freshly baked scones (and my wife’s fantastic tomato chorizo soup), Funny enough whilst expecting a bit of a long wait, Wealden were on the phone to me this afternoon about the money side. We’ll see; I’m quite happy to wait as long as I know it’s going to get done.

Best wishes, Steve.

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That’s fabulous news Steve, I have to say I’ve always had very positive outcomes from the OT’ team that have done my evaluations, giving me a plethora of aids and helps.

I’m still using a bench across the bath with hubby’s help and grab rails everywhere but the new wet room sounds like it will be a life saver for you, I’m so glad for you.

keep us up to date.

Polly xxx

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