Advice on adapting home

Has anyone had any experience with those walk in baths? We are going to start work on our house soon which will be kitchen and bathroom, and could do with some advice re adapting to help me do a bit more. I’m not able to stand without support, hv rubbish balance so use wheelchair Iv seen many wonderful gadgets on the web any advice?

Hi hon, why don’t you ask for an OT referral from GP? They can come to your house and suggest changes you can make. If you are on benefits you can have some of them done for free.

I think those baths are great! I’ve never used one but they look lovely. I have a level-access shower (put in for free by OT) which is fantastic… so I’m certainly not moaning, but sometimes would give anything to lie back and relax in a bath.

Think of things that would make life easier and make a list, and then see if there are any aids or adaptations that would help. For instance I’ve got grab rails each side of my toilet so I can pull myself up and off the loo.

Also I have ‘bed bars’… these are bars that are put on side of bed and are attached to a long thing that goes under mattress (sorry if that’s a rotten description!). Anyway it means I can pull myself to sitting position and then steady myself while I stand.

The OT will look all over your house for things that might be a problem and suggest ways to help.

Good luck with it! I hope the bath works out ok. Try posting on EL… people on there might have one.

Pat xx

Hi, best advice I can give, is what Pat has said…get an assessment from an OT. Otherwise mistakes can be costly…been there, done that etc!

I have a wet room shower and shower/commode chair and am hoping to get a close-o-mat loo installed. I have spent years trying to clean myself up after using the loo, so this would be a marvelous help.

Good luck with the changes.

luv Pollx


Just wanted to say going down the OT route is definitely the best

advice you could have.

If you happen to purchase any things that are wrong for you, it can

be a costly lesson, whereas the OT has experience in this field.

Pam x

What is a close o mat loo please? First time I’ve heard that term.


Cath x

I’ve looked at bed bars, I had an nasty incident with those suction handles once which made me wary of things not screwed into something solid, but maybe I should try them. I will be getting an assessment by Ot hopefully soon so will do as you all say and get their advice. Thank you all. Cath I’m with u what is a close o mat loo? It sounds interesting.

Pat This forum and indeed the world would be a poorer place without you. You always respond to a message and provide sensible support and advice. Much appreciated.

Hi, it`s me who posted about a close-o-mat loo.

It looks like a regular loo, but can wash and dry your nether regions…summat I need help with. OT is trying to get me one.


Hi Poll

What a useful bit of equipment, hope the OT can get you one.

Pam x

I think those walk in baths are horrible. You have to sit in there freezing cold until it fills up and then when you empty it you get coated in all the detritus you went in there to get rid of! No, not for me.

The 'bed leaver 'is a godsend as has been stated and the close o mat toilet is a good enough reason for me never want to leave home for more than a few days.

I have a splash room and use a chair to shower with and also benefit from a full-length body drier which has two heat settings and reaches the parts a towel can’t.

Just my twopen’th



Hi, it`s me who posted about a close-o-mat loo.

It looks like a regular loo, but can wash and dry your nether regions…summat I need help with. OT is trying to get me one.


[/quote] That seems like something worthwhile, didn’t imagine anything like that existed. May have to find an OT who has clever suggestions like yours does, how do you go about getting referred?

I suppose it’s a bit like a bidet?

I always think the French very civilised inventing something to wash their nether regions. Don’t know why they never caught on here.

Let’s face it… growing up in the 1950s… nether regions got washed once a week…

Anyone use that moist toilet paper? I find it very useful to freshen up after leakage (oh don’t you just love our conversations on here)

Magpie… I now remember once asking why they don’t put the baths with doors in sheltered housing… and was told because it’s too easy to scald yourself sitting while taps on running… but keep in mind they have to arrange everything so it’s safe for people with confusion and dementia.

Pat x

The sitting waiting for the bath to fill or empty is what put me off too. Our water pressure is awful so I’d probably die of hypothermia before I finished my ablutions. Not for me, I’ll continue with the shower and have a bath when I’m really feeling well so I have a chance of getting out! I got stuck once and have to really be desperate for a soak to attempt it now, not when I’m alone at home. You’re right Pat, we do manage to discuss the most unusual things on this site, but it’s better than us all sitting modestly in company and crying with frustration and ignorance in private. Take care everyone Cath x

Baby wipes…morrisons own brand…cheaper than the moist toilet paper! Night everyone, Nina x

Thanks Nina… I’ll give them a go! xx

I love those walk in wet room type showers, the ones you find in hotels I have trouble standing in a slippy bath to have a shower and really want to have my bathroom done to get one of those wet rooms. I feel so much safer just walking in on ground level without having to lift my legs up and be paranoid im gonna fall over or slip. I cant have baths anymore… so theres no need for it to be in my bathroom. I WANT A WET ROOM ! x

I’ve got ‘level-access’ shower… which is like wet room except you close gates and curtain… but it’s all one level. OT put it in for me Dave so might be worth seeing if you could get one???

The holiday I’m going on in August… hotel for disabled in Herefordshire… I’ve got a wet room and patio doors onto the garden… YAY… easy access for smoking!!!

Pat x

Be careful with those baby wipes!

A friend of mine unblocks drains for a living and he says that the worst offenders are baby wipes and the plastic casing off toilet bowl cleaners, they both keep him in a good living!

Sorry, didn’t think to say…whatever you do don’t put them down the toilet! Don’t want to be blamed for the plumber having to be called in!! Nina x

Hmmm think I’ll prefer paying the extra for a flushable wipe!

Mainly cos I know I’ll forget and flush them anyway.

I am about to go out on scooter for first time in a few days… got a Meno Cool Scarf on… first time I’ve tried it (it’s a small scarf with gel in that you soak in cold water… the gel apparently keeps you cool) AND wearing a hat.

Will report back on success… or not… of scarf!

Pat x

I got the moist andrex when I had prep for a colonoscopy… I didn’t take the suggestion to have some vaseline too seriously tho and oh boy, was I sore! I resorted to a rather expensive dermalogica product instead, lol - I realised I didn’t even own a pot of vaseline!

Anyway, the moist andrex were very good and flushable :wink:

Sonia x