How do i get a wet room

hi there i was wondering if anyone out there could give any advice on how i could get a wet room fitted.i,m on higher rate dla mobility and my hubby is my 24/7 carer anyway getting in the bath is a non starter for me so i have to use the shower cubicle.unfortunatley i now have problems lifting my legs both in and out of the cubicle plus i can,t stand for long.i don,t attend an ms clinic as its too far away (my nuero is trying to open one that will be nearer to me) so i don,t meet anyone for any advice,so i was wondering if any of you nice people might know anything.we can,t afford to pay for it doing by ourseleves so we need a bit of help.

take care all of you have a great bank holiday xxx

Hi there!

What you need is to get an assessment from an OT. You`ll need to contact Social Services and ask for a referral. There will probably be a lengthy waiting list.

I have an OT working on a new shower floor and toilet for me. She has recommended this to the Housing adaptation bods and I will have to be means tested. This work comes under a DFG…disabled facilties grant. Again, more waiting.

The rules are that if you have more than 6k in savings, you will be asked to make a contribution.

If you cant find the shortfall, you then ask charities, such as MS Society.

Hope this helps.


ps if you are able to fund the job yourself, I would still recommend asking an OTs advice, as salespeople from wet room companies, wont have the full knowledge an OT has.

thanks for the advice much appreciated .will see if i can sort something out after the bank i know what to do

thanks very much x

as said,get incontact with social,for an ot assesment,our applivation went through quiet quick,but maybe that was because we got local counceller,involved,if you know them,that may speed up the process,and it all depends on who u get,our first assesment got nothing,2nd got wet room and step at front door to help getting in and out,

I don’t have a wet room, but got a chair with remote control that takes me down to do my washing & when I finish use the remote control to take me out of the bath. But god luck to you anyway Rahma x

Hi, not going to add anything to what has been said already because that sounds like great advise. The only thing I wanted to comment on is the fact that you say you can’t stand for long. For now you could probably help that by getting a seat to put in the shower. Just any cheap seat (you might have one at home that would do) placed in the shower would help you for now with the standing problem. Cheryl:-)