Wet rooms

Hello. I would really like a wet room. I’m sure that those selling them will have the answers to my questions but I don’t know which ones to ask and I don’t know much about wet rooms. I would be very grateful for any pointers and advice. X.

The council fitted my wet room. Not a lot to it really. Basically an electric shower on the wall, grab rails, seat and slopping floor. BUT nothing is straightforward for me.

The wet room was installed before I was diagnosed with MS, but I had ‘a bad leg’ that was, and still is, very painful when things like the edge of a chair dig into it. They fitted a shower chair such that the height of the seat was at its lowest position so that my feet should have reached the floor.

​Aaaaaah… you’ve noticed that very important word, haven’t you…? Yes… my feet don’t reach the floor properly. Yes… the seat is in its lowest position. Yes… my bad leg is in agony (such a shame because the shower itself is great.) WHY…? Simple really, they sloped the floor down to the drainage hole TOO CLOSE TO THE CHAIR… My feet dangle over the slope…!!!

Everyone agrees with the problem… The council have seen it. The contractors who installed it have seen it. Adult Care have seen it. I have been given a bath step to use over the drainage hole, but I returned it. It was just plain dangerous. Now that I have an MSP (so far) diagnosis, I am hoping that they will lower the position of the seat on the wall, or redo the floor…

So… make sure that the height of the seat is measured from the place where your feet will be placed…!!!

Yes, contact your local council authority first. They should provide a disabled facilities grant that will cover all the work.

The only drawback is that this will take months as there are several organisations to coordinate.

If you want to do it privately you will need a surveyor, an experienced builder, specialist floor layer (although the builder will know one if they have experience of wet-rooms), and possibly a solicitor to draw up the contracts.

Obviously it’s vital to get it right first time. If the water flows away from the drain hole or the seat’s the wrong height (sorry Anne) it’s going to very expensive for someone to put right.

One thing I wish they hadn’t done with mine was to put the toilet on a pedestal. If one is constipated one needs to lean forward a lot.


Why, oh why, do people think that the disabled always want a loo that’s high off the floor. Yes, it’s easier to sit on and stand from, but OMG is it hard to empty ones bowels and bladder when sitting high on a seat. Effective bars will do a better job of helping you on and off the loo whilst not making it impossible to poo.



I have a wet room, paid for and installed by the council. It has made a huge difference to my like.

One word of warning, Try to imagine what you might need in the worst scenario. A bit of a depressing thought but it is essential that you plan for the future. I’m thinking of things like grap rails, wheelchair access, height of mirrors etc.

It might be worth using an OT to help with the design and extras. I wish we had but too late now


Good point Patrick.

My council paid an Occupational Therapy consultant for an assessment and they talked me into having toilet rails. I need them these days.


well said Sue!

I really appreciate the comments, they’re just what I was hoping for, thanks. Sara.

We removed the very old bath from our en suite and put in a wet room this year. Put in the usual stuff, i.e. Slightly sloping floor, grab rails etc. Very happy with it. We also went for the slightly higher toilet seat due to my new found ability to break normal toilet seats by “collapsing” on them. We didn’t get a fixed shower stool, instead got a portable, height adjustable stool which works great. One thing I’ve discovered when travelling is that fixed stool with slats can be rather uncomfortable on your derrière.


I have broken about 5 loo seats. Which would be OK if we hadn’t bought a fancy pants toilet for which replacement seats cost about £100.

I’ve also broken an actual loo at Heathrow airport. I blame it on the long flight causing my legs to work even less well than usual.


Not my problem financially, it’s a council house and the mistake was made by their contractor…!!!

Really heartened to see that I’m not the only loo seat wrecker.

The Lou and Sue Loo Seat Wrecking Team!

I had another thought whilst in the shower this morning. When we had our wetroom installed, it never occurred to me to tell the installer to put the shower rail (ie upon which the shower head sits) at an appropriate height for someone sitting down! So the idiot put it at a suitable height for someone standing! I’m tall enough so when it’s at its lowest, it’s fine, but woe betide any visitors who use the shower and forget to put the head back down for me! Plus, although you’re most likely sitting in the shower, and think you’ll be stable enough, make sure you install enough heavy duty grab bars as well. I use them all the time, when transferring from shower chair to wheelchair, when washing my hair, just to haul myself around the room on my wheeled shower chair. And don’t forget, anything you pay for should be zero rated for VAT. Sue