Wet Rooms

Hi, we are away to build an extension to the house to give us, among other things a downstairs bathroom which will contain a toilet, wash hand basin and wet room style shower. This room will only have a sky light (velux) type window. I currently have (located next to where the new bathroom will be) a little cloakroom with a toilet and wash hand basin which it is planned to turn into a large cupboard cos there is really no need to keep it My two worries are: Will the wet room constantly be damp and will mould be a concern? Will the whole bathroom floor be constantly wet, you know when someone goes to use the toilet later in the day will they constantly be faced with a wet slippy floor because if this is the case we would keep the little cloakroom for use during the day. After all it doesn’t have to become a cupboard. Oh and anything else I should bear in mind about wet rooms. Thanks Cheryl:)

Hi Cheryl,

I have just had a wetroom installed. As far as ventilation goes get a high quality extractor fan installed in the ceiling to draw out the steam. If the shower base is installed properly it will have enough fall to draw the water to the drain without it flooding the bathroom. I have a full length shower curtain which is also weighted at the bottom and that does seem to help prevent seepage of the water.

I haven’t found my floor any wetter than any other bathroom floor. I did take the extra precaution of having non-slip hospital grade vinyl laid on the floor though rather than tiles. You can get it in lots of lovely designer colours nowadays.

I would recommend you get an OT to help draw up the specifications before going ahead.

I love mine and it has made showering so much easier and safer.

Good luck with the project,


Hi Belinda, thanks, your wetroom sounds great. Yes, I had forgotten about an extractor fan, that’s a great idea, we have one in the cloakroom just now so shouldn’t be a problem. Bathroom floors do get wet anyway, you’re right and that is a great idea about hospital grade vinyl. Cheryl:)

Cheryl, An extractor fan is a must - also make sure that there is enough space for you to manouevre around -especially a wheelchair - lf done correctly the water should not fall far away from the drain - so the rest of the room remains dry.

Yes, the non-slip hospital grade floor covering is the answer. Mine is fitted so that it comes up the wall about 4ins. Under floor heating would be lovely.

lt might be a good idea to keep the old loo -in situ- you can never have too many!!


Oh and another thing, Cheryl. Place grab rails in the shower and beside the loo to help you trnsfer and you will probably have to widen your doorway to allow for wheelchair access. I got my door converted into a cavity sliding door at 900mm. This way I am not struggling with opening the door from my chair.

I had the plans for my bathroom drawn up by an archtect that specialises in disability renovations. This is a free service here in Australia but I’m not sure if it is available in the UK.




I worried about a wet floor but it doesn’t seem to be a problem in my wetroom. I use a shower curtain and an extractor fan and not much area than where the bath used to be gets wet. It soon drains away and dries off. I’ve also got that bobbly non slip floor which is great.

As the others have said I would consult with an OT to make sure that you “future proof” the room. It’s hard to imagine features that you might need in the future but the OT is sure to know. For example I was pretty sure that I didn’t need a seat but had one fitted at the advice of the OT and what do you know I use the seat every time!


Hey…your plans sound great…I have a wetroom and its ace…the most inprtant aspect is thet the floor is sloped enough re water from shower area…and that the outlet area is large anough to cope with the flow of water from shower…esp power showers! Altro or something simillar is best all over the area…its easy to clean…bacteria proof and easy to maintain. and the dark colours really show up the glittery bits in it…lol if you like that!! (which I do) I had the walls clad in stainless steel which was a bit different to tiles!!

I have an upright body drier too which is a bonus/treat!

Hi folks, thanks you have given me some great things to think about, and reassured me about the wet floor, I have an architect drawing up the plans. Thanks Cheryl:)

One other thing Cheryl… Sorry, my brain seems to only work in dribs and drabs!

Get a disabled toilet which is higher than a normal one. Does away with the need for an over the toilet frame. I used to have the frame but now with the higher loo and a grab rail I am able to get on and off easily and it looks so much nicer and is a lot easier to clean.

B xx