Hi Guys
We in the process of building an extension

Don’t know how this has changed to another ‘post’? I tried yesterday to ask does anyone have any tips on wet rooms?

The room is almost like a new build and I’d like not to make stupid/expensive mistakes.
Take care guys and be safe M x


The only advice I’d give re wetroom is to get a specialist to install it. The floor is the most important thing, it has to be right else you’ll have tons of problems.

How lovely though, a brand new wetroom. Your life will never be the same again.


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Thanks Sue,
Good advice. take care and be safe M

Hiya @hellMS I have had a couple of wetrooms done now, and I would say to try have porcelain tiles if possible because you then have a chance of being able to add suction type grabrails just in case your needs (and where you need to grab!) changes! Suction grabrails don’t work on ceramic.
If at all possible as well, underfloor heating is fantastic and as far as the actual tray area goes, I’m quite sure that there is nothing as anti slip as mosaic tiles (the grouting helps!)
Also, in the smaller of my bathrooms, I wanted to retain a decent amount of floor space turning area for my wheelchair, so I fitted a shower curtain, instead of a fixed shower panel to give me more room :wink:
Don’t know if I can manage a picture - I’ll try…

Ooh! Might have worked!
Elaine :grinning:

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Thank you Elaine
That is exactly what I wanted to know :heart:
Take care M x

My wetroom looks fairly similar. Lots of grab rails, curtains means the rest of the room doesn’t get soaked. We have the same type of towel rail but oh I so wish I had underfloor heating.

I have a wheeled shower chair rather than a drop down seat. Some time ago there was a problem with the wall to which a drop down seat was attached.

I don’t have a dimpled area where the shower is, the whole floor is slightly textured so is non slip.

Ceramic tiles are best for suction grab bars, but if you live in a hard water area (as we have in Sussex), limescale is an enemy and it loves ceramic tiles.