Wet room flooring

I am having a disabled wet room installed (paying for it myself).

I would like advice on suitable flooring from anyone with experience please?

I have been informed Altro flooring is good - but there are so many different types. Altro 20 and Altro Aquarius seem to be the top two, as far as I can work it out.

All input on Altro or any other flooring extremely welcome as I can’t afford to get it wrong.

Ditto to all that!

We are about to have the 5th floor put down in the bathroom/wetroom!!!

Its so many because the original (when the bath was still in) had lino, then ceramic tiles. When hubby took the bath out, the floor tiles were re-done. Then when we wanted it all one level, so we asked the council adaptions unit and they asked the MSS to help. They very generously paid it all...........2K! We got a local firm to do it and went away for a week, so I wouldnt be stuck without a loo/shower.

On our return we discovered, the job hadnt been finished, so put up with the mess for a few days. Karndean vinyl tiles had been laid, on top of a brand new entire floor.

About a year later, water was seeping under the tiles and hubby re-applied sealant. That was ok for a while, but there were similar problems a few months after that.

I wanted to complain to the installer, but hubby said he would fix it. He laid new vinalay…it wasnt suitable, as my shower chair rucked it up, separating the vinyls layers and now its all bubbled.

A chap came from the Housing Adaptations unit to sign off my recently installed ceiling hoist. he saw the wetroom and we told him about the floor problems. He said he knew of the firm who put the new floor down. He said they had heard several horror stories about them. He then asked if we`d like him to try to get it sorted for us. Of course we agreed.

Then last week we had a letter saying there was a 14 week backlog of work and couldnt fast track us, as there are other more needy folk waiting for urgent adaptations.

We are scratching our heads in bewilderment.

So, we are looking at altro 20 marine wet room flooring now.

To get it done professionally, would cost over 1k we reckon.

To buy the stuff and fit it ourselves, would be around £200.

I would say it sounds like the right material to use…but the fitting is a different thing, eh?

Will you have it done professionally?

Hope this is our last wetroom floor.

luv Pollx

I have a wet room but it was put in my local authority home by the council so beyond choosing the colour I had no choice and have no clue what it is. They also put it in the kitchen to provide a non slip surface.

When I had my sitting room carpet fitted the carpet guy said that it was the most expensive sort. It has proved very successful both in the wet room and kitchen. Is non slip and relatively easy to clean.


Altro is what we have down in our wetroom. lt was recommended by our builder as he does lots of work in schools/nursing homes etc. The floor covering is non-slip - has a slight sparkle to it under the lights. lt is fitted so it goes up the wall - about 5inches - so water cannot seep underneath.

Poll, lf you do have to buy it yourself - do get a ‘proper’ fitter to lay it as they use a special pva glue - and l think a heat gun to seal it. Bathrooms are so difficult to fit flooring of any type.

Our flooring has been down 6yrs - and certainly does not show any sign of wear - yet!!

Hi again, we got an off cut of altro 20 marine, yesterday, from a little shop near Halifax. It was £50 for it and the correct glue. Too cheap to be true? Hmm, well we `ll see how it goes down and lasts.

Hubby is going to fit it himself…wont hear of getting someone in to do it.

Whereabouts are you H? This shop fits it, if you`re not too far away.

luv Pollx