Wet Room

I am in the process of changing my bathroom into a wet room as that is now what I need. Any tips, ideas or things to avoid as there seems to be alot of info out there. any help would be appreciated Many thanks Mark

Hi, our wet room has caused us no end of problems with its floor.

We paid a specialist firm 2k…3/4 yrs later, a hole developed and hubby repaired it and laid new vinyl. Company who did it has gone.

Its now letting water under it . Just had the council to look and waiting a decision re a grant to re-do it. Chuffin fed up.

Been advised to use arto 20 next time.

Who is doing your`s?

luv Pollx

We are just in process of getting quotes but we will be using altro flooring, my mother had one build a couple of years ago had an extension on her bungalow and was built from scratch and used this flooring and it seems to really wear well. My mum and dad do not really need wet room but decided it was best all round, so disabled use was not priority hence why I am still seeking advice. I would like to get a bath in as well if I can for the wife as she misses the bath since we moved from the house to the bungalow. Hope you get yours sorted out once and for all Poll as hassle is something we certainly do not need. It drives me mad when we pay good money and the job is not done properly had my fair share of that, it almost puts you off having anything done.take care Mark